Xuanwei traffic police even “ran” 7 red light escort medical treatment

2022-08-09 0 By

On the afternoon of February 6, Xuanwei City Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade on duty auxiliary police driving a police car even “ran” 7 red lights, only with 12 minutes of time to transport a drug deep coma of the woman’s vehicle to the hospital treatment.At 15:18 PM that day, it was the Spring Festival long holiday to return to the traffic peak, is xuanyang high-speed exit command traffic evacuation auxiliary police Tang Junbi, Lu Xiaochun received the masses for help:”We are transporting a woman in a deep coma due to medication to xuanwei First People’s Hospital for rescue. We are worried about the traffic jam and delay the treatment time. Please drive the police motorcycle to clear the way for us…”.The situation is critical!Time is life.Auxiliary police Tang Junbi, Lu Xiaochun think twice, driving a police motorcycle immediately opened the lights, sirens, quickly let the ship deep coma woman driving people to open the emergency light follow the police car, and motorcycle car horn shout all the way, the police car along the ring road east even “rush” seven red light speed all the way to the first people’s hospital of xuanwei.At about 15:30, the vehicle carrying the unconscious woman was finally sent to the First People’s Hospital for treatment under the guidance of the police car. The original journey of more than 20 minutes was shortened to 12 minutes, which won precious time for the treatment of the unconscious woman.At present, the unconscious woman is receiving treatment in hospital.Photo: Zhu Jiaping Source: Xuanwei Public Security traffic police