Wednesday 16 March Preview: Arsenal v Liverpool, all 8 matches, with scores

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006 uefa champions league on Wednesday: Juventus VS villarreal match time: 2022-03-17 04:00: is it going with the home team Juventus Juventus home ability is good, this hemisphere advantage, still can be elevated afternoon heat water Juventus decline is not a bad thing.Juventus have won seven consecutive matches in the champions League at home, with a high percentage of home victories, and if they can stabilize their strength in the hemisphere, the home team can advance with victory.Villarreal: Villarreal have struggled this season, sitting seventh in La Liga with 12 wins, nine draws and seven losses, and struggling for a Europa League place.In the off-season, they retained the basic framework while bringing in the likes of Luis Dia and Fernando Morales, to very little effect, much to the annoyance of coach Emery.They have been on a bit of a run of form recently but the win over Celta has turned things around.Unfortunately, Moreno and Pena due to injury absence, Villarreal combat effectiveness has declined.Prediction: 1-0, 2-1 Wednesday 008 English Championship: Arsenal VS LiverpoolNearly period of time can say to the Arsenal fans on a lot of surprise, was the team’s strength is not strong, the paper especially in many sides winter window after reinforcement, competing for the champions league seats for Arsenal is also a difficult thing, but as arteta set-up for this team, coupled with Manchester united, tottenham and west ham and wolverhampton wanderers state of volatility,Arsenal now have the best chance of claiming a champions League place, one point ahead of Manchester United with three games in hand.Visiting Team Liverpool:Liverpool after recently actis cup champion, then they are going to aim at the fa cup, premiership and champions league these three titles, so every game they were careless, especially in the league, with Manchester city on wheel shock lose points, and now Liverpool in the case of game 1 round just four points behind Manchester city, suspense to the premier league title, has completely back,As long as Liverpool can win this match, the gap will be reduced to one point, and the hope of a further title challenge is naturally very strong.Prediction: win/draw 1-1, 1-2 Other references: Wednesday 001 Brighton v Tottenham: win 1-0, 1-1 Wednesday 002 Nottingham Forest v Rangers: double draw 1-1, 2-1 Wednesday 003 Millwall v Huddersfield: win 1-1, 1-2 Wednesday 004 Blackpool v Sheffield United:Let’s win 1-0 1-1 Wednesday 005 Cardiff city VS Stoke City: double draw 1-0 1-1 Wednesday 007 Lille VS Chelsea: main negative 0-1 0-2