One week opening | Club Med, Sheraton, Junlan and other 10 hotels opened

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The latest high-end hotel opening news, weekly.The hotel with the highest number of votes in each issue will have the opportunity to receive the first installment of the “Maidian Push benefits” ( Jianguo Hotel is located in Zigong, which is known as “salt City for thousands of years”, “Hometown of dinosaurs”, “Lamp City of South China” and “City of delicious food”.At the same time, it is located in the core area of economic development of Da ‘an District, adjacent to some famous tourist attractions and amusement parks in Zigong, such as Shenhai Well, the “living fossil” of well salt produced by local method, the National 4A level scenic spot “Oriental Dragon Palace”, the dinosaur Museum, the theme lantern City, the Chinese Lantern World, and the new concept theme park, Fangte.The 14 deluxe Chinese restaurant rooms, the Four Seasons Restaurant with a seating capacity of more than 200 people and the buffet with a seating capacity of 500 people, will provide guests with a dining experience combining local and international cuisine.At the same time, the hotel has 820 square meters of banquet space, 980 square meters of lecture hall, fitness center, swimming pool, indoor basketball hall, outdoor football field and other recreational facilities and equipment.The Grand Grand Hotel Has recently opened its grand opening!The hotel is located in the south of duohu Central business District, east to Fuxing Street, south to Huancheng South Road, west to Chishan Park, convenient transportation, beautiful environment.The hotel adopts Chinese traditional garden style architectural design, small bridge water, willow yiyi, black tile white wall with characteristic dongyang wood ornament.The total land area is about 168,000 square meters, and the total construction area is 95,000 square meters.It is a garden-style resort hotel integrating conference, banquet, accommodation, catering, health and sports.The hotel has different types of sightseeing rooms, which are divided into two areas: the main building, the athletes’ area, the VIP building, the officials’ area. Both rooms are designed as panoramic courtyard rooms with independent private balcony.The hotel is equipped with taoyuan Xuan full-time integrated restaurant with 180-degree full-floor landscape, 22 luxurious Chinese food boxes, wuzhou Hall and Shuangxi Hall, which are unique in the city, have two large banquet halls that can accommodate 1800 people and 1600 people at the same time, 9 medium and small multi-functional halls, and 2 300-square-meter multi-functional outdoor landscape flats with over 1000 square meters.All are equipped with advanced and perfect conference facilities according to international standards, intimate “one-stop banquet service”.The hotel is equipped with a complete set of leisure facilities and has created 9 special scenic spots, educational entertainment children play center, the ground floor of the main building is equipped with standard constant temperature swimming pool, table tennis room, snooker room, professional standard athletes fitness center, chess and card room, SPA center and other affiliated recreational facilities.The hotel delivers the green and humanistic design concept and combines the service culture of “more care” of Junlan Group to create a new name card of Jinhua city for visitors.The hotel will be based on the international and domestic sports life supporting services, the central Zhejiang government reception, business and leisure as the main business purpose of comprehensive service reception hotel, and for the middle class and rich people to provide a high-end social lifestyle platform with Oriental cultural characteristics.Jinhua city leisure lounge and the carrier of urban quality life, jinhua government, state-owned enterprises, international and domestic reception venues, jinhua external display and publicity window and platform, service benchmark hotel in central Zhejiang.The Club Med Joyview Resort is expected to open in June 2022!The project is close to Huitong Road station of Metro Line 4, with a total investment of 1.6 billion yuan, covering an area of 100,000 square meters, and a total construction area of 176,000 square meters, of which the total construction area of hotel and serviced apartment is about 103,000 square meters.This is the fifth resort project in China built by Club Med, the world’s largest resort chain group from France.The design of the project invited the foreign famous design firm AIM, combined with the inspiration of xianlin landscape city forest design, in an open landscape way, reflects the architectural form of mountain view, habitat, water, water.The Gentils Organisateurs (Organisateurs) service will be introduced to create an immersive experience.Customized holiday experience for consumers, “intimate and interesting” become the highlight and characteristics of Club Med (Nanjing Resort).Here you can enjoy international services and experience the splendor of the converging world.Designed for families to enjoy warm and happy time.Throughout all the resorts of Club Med around the world, they all have a common characteristic, that is, they are like a city but not a city.Club Med will also become a secluded and peaceful resort in the bustling city, close to the valley and river, and enjoy the pure beauty of nature.The whole resort looks like a pair of arms around the lake, surrounding the harbour.The designer is based on the design for family coexistence, making it into a holiday island full of security and love.Sheraton Chengdu Hengbang Tianfu Hotel is expected to open in March 2022.Sheraton Chengdu Hengbang Tianfu Hotel is located in The Pidu District, standing beside Jingrong Lake.As the first sheraton Hotel in Chengdu after the new Marriott Brand, the hotel presents the best combination of sheraton brand new elements and the cultural history of the Azalea City, in the land of Yu Xiu zhong Ling, in the soul of Sichuan cuisine hometown, interpretation of shu culture and accumulation.Hosted and designed by HBA, one of the world’s leading hotel interior designers, the hotel fully integrates Sheraton brand features with Pidu culture. Its 255 simple and stylish luxury rooms and suites are equipped with self-mixing experience tables for guests.Fuzhou’s new Grand Sky International Hotel opened its trial operation on February 13th.Fuzhou New Investment Grand Sky International Hotel is invested and built by Fuzhou New Area Group and managed by Shenzhen Grand Sky Hotel Management Co., LTD. It is the first project implemented by the New Area Group and Grand Sky Hotel, and also the cornerstone to further promote the deep-level and multi-field cooperation between the two sides.The hotel is located in Nadi Square, Binhai New Town, Fuzhou New Area, and is adjacent to the lush East Lake. From the hotel, it is easy to walk to Digital China Convention and Exhibition Center, adjacent to China Southeast Big Data Industrial Park, Junzhi AI Industrial Park and other high-tech industrial parks, and only 15 minutes’ drive from Changle International Airport.On February 17, 2022, Hilton Happy Friends Xuzhou Huaihai Road grand opening!Hilton Xuzhou Huaihai Road Happy Friends Hotel is an international high-end business chain brand hotel.The hotel has 128 rooms, including king room, twin room and happy friends suite.The hotel uses American “Hampton Bed®” standard Serta patented mattress and eco-certified bedding to create a cloud-based sweet dream experience.The movable desk with ergonomic chair and LED eye lamp provides business guests with a comfortable office environment beyond expectations.Pay attention to the travel needs of parents and families, and provide children with travel necessities.The multi-functional lobby integrates the welcome area, the gathering area, the leisure area and the business area. It is not only a haven for rest and charging, but also a nest for new friends to gather together. You can enjoy the comfort and warmth of home to your heart’s content.On February 15, 2022, Hilton Happy Friends Beijing Convention Center opened its grand opening!Hilton Beijing Convention Center Is located in Beiyuan East Road, Laiguangying Town, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It is located in the core business area of the North fifth Ring Road. It is 10-15 minutes’ walk from Subway Line 5, Line 13 and Line 17.East: Beijing Zhaolai Forest Park, south: Beijing Convention Center, west: Bird’s Nest, Water Cube, Olympic Forest Park, north: China Railway Construction Square.The hotel is equipped with 129 warm and comfortable guest rooms and a “hub-style” lobby with Hilton’s characteristics, integrating the functions of welcome, party, leisure and business.The hotel has a healthy style of happy friends restaurant, happy gym, convenient laundry room, and can accommodate 50 people elite meeting room!The design style is fashionable and simple, emphasizing the people-oriented design concept, and perfectly combining functional practicality with aesthetic form.Elegant environment, the pursuit of international taste and style, pay attention to the service experience, so that all customers feel the warmth of relatives and friends in the journey, so that guests enjoy high-quality happy stay experience……Intimate service only for better understanding you, Hilton huanpeng, so that every stay feel comfortable, happy from now on simple!Langxi Junlan Hotel Anhui Langxi Junlan Hotel has opened its doors recently.Langxi Junlan Hotel is invested by State-owned Assets Operation and Investment Co., LTD of Langxi County, Anhui Province;Positioned as a high-end leisure and business hotel.Located at the intersection of Xuhe Road and Taofeng Road in Langxi County, the hotel is 26 kilometers away from Langxi high-speed railway station and 40 minutes from Nanjing Lukou Airport, with convenient transportation.The hotel has 141 guest rooms, more than 500 dining seats, 9 high-end boxes, 2 banquet halls, 1 large conference room of 1000 square meters, training building and other leisure and sports facilities.Atuo S Hotel, Chuhe Han Street, Wuhan has opened its doors.Located at 173 Zhongbei Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan, ADour S Hotel is adjacent to chuhehan Street, a bustling commercial pedestrian street. Adour S hotel belongs to adour Group’s high-end brand “S” is the English acronym of “Super”, which means to provide high-end business travelers with Super, perfect space products and warm and exclusive services.Turn right out of the hotel and go straight 600 meters is Wuhan Metro Line 4.Just 3 minutes to the bustling Chuhehan Street, you can go shopping on your own.There are very popular East Lake eco-tourism scenic spots within 5 kilometers around, yellow Crane Tower, Hubu Lane, Wuchang River Beach, Sand Lake Park, Hubei Provincial Museum, etc., so that you can enjoy the fun of travel;It takes about 20 minutes to drive to Wuhan high-speed railway station, Hankou Railway station, Wuchang Station and bus station.With its central location, interesting setting and warm service, the hotel is a fourth place for you to enjoy while traveling.In the lobby of the hotel, there are bamboo Room, which can accommodate 1000 books, and joy Tea, which is a diversified space integrating business, office, entertainment and leisure.A 24H laundromat and gym are installed in the public area to provide convenience and make guests feel at home.The hotel is dedicated to creating a more comfortable accommodation experience with the use of sailian series of quality beds in the guest rooms, full set of salsa and toilette sets in the shower, and the mini bar with exquisite drinks and snacks.Hilton Huishan Wuxi Has opened in early 2022!Hilton Huishan Wuxi Is a high-end hotel brand newly opened by Hilton in Huishan District, Wuxi.The hotel is located in No. 1 luoou Road, Luoshe Town, Huishan District, Wuxi city (intersection of G312 and Qianluo Road), about 40 minutes from Wuxi Shuofang Airport;It is only 5 minutes away from Hysan Station.About 20 minutes from Wuxi Station;15 minutes away from 5A Huishan scenic spot;About 30 minutes away from Taihu Lake Scenic spot, the hotel has convenient transportation.The hotel has 119 cozy rooms ranging from 26m² to 49m².The hotel’s Smart breakfast restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel, with a total of more than 100 seats to meet the needs of daily morning and business breakfast buffet;The hotel has two conference rooms with meeting areas ranging from 48m² to 89m², which can meet your mid-range meeting needs of 10-80 people.A high-end hotel opening week. 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