Lakers reach 7 milestones!Lebron James will beat Kobe, Westbrook or Vince carter, and Melo will score 28,000 points

2022-08-09 0 By

The lakers play Philadelphia on Jan. 28. Can the Purple and Gold win a streak?This game will be another milestone for James, who will pass Bryant for 14th on the game appearances list.The Lakers have many more to reach the milestone.First, James, who has played 1,346 regular-season games in the league, is tied with Bryant for 14th.Second, Westbrook’s 8,112 career field goals are 38th in NBA history, and he’s just seven more shots away from passing Walter Davis for 37th.Third, Westbrook has made 7,001 career two-pointers and is 54th on the all-time list. Three more will move him past Vince Carter to 53rd.Fourth, Westbrook ranks 28th in career free throws with 5,412, and if he makes 12, he will pass Hakeem Olajuwon for 27th all-time.However, Westbrook has not made many foul free throws this season, this game may not be able to achieve that wish.Fifth, James has 10,027 rebounds, and 12 rebounds would move him past DeAndre Jordan for 41st place in history.With Deandre Jordan out of the rotation, it was only a matter of time before James surpassed him in rebounds.Sixth, ariza’s 1,621 steals are 30th on the all-time list, and he’s just two steals away from passing Hussey Hawkins for 29th.Anthony’s 27,972 career points are ninth on the all-time list, and he needs 28 points to reach the 28,000 career milestone.For the lakers, of course, it was all about winning.The lakers have gone back to the big Three, and have improved both offensively and defensively since Bryant returned.But it was against a good Philadelphia team.It’s a tough game for the lakers.Philly has a strong center. Can the Lakers handle alternating lebron and Lebron at center?Will Howard defend Embiid?