I regret giving out red envelopes for Chinese New Year

2022-08-09 0 By

Chinese New Year can be a family reunion, was very happy!Just send New Year’s money this matter, every year worry, have to spend a lot of money.Take this year for example, early to prepare New Year’s gift, I bought a few boxes of fruit early, sugar cakes, spent nearly 200.Early with the husband to discuss the time a child hair how many, discuss for a long time decision is a child 100.First, I feel that The Times are different now, too little and lose face. Second, there are too many children. Uncle and uncle used to give some red envelopes to children.Originally thinking of their two children, also should be able to return to some of this, has discussed when the uncle two uncle home, with a child on the line, one with two like to get red envelopes, not good-looking, two to a do not take and too deficient.To my mother there, my mother immediately told me not to go to uncle two uncle’s house, my mother’s New Year’s day are their own to eat their own, have never eaten together.I said married to the other half of the family has not walked around, also strange embarrassed.Take him for a walk this year.My mother said I couldn’t. It would cost so much to have so many children.I’ll just give them 20, and they don’t cost much.My mom didn’t say anything.After a meeting, I called my youngest child and husband, ready to go to uncle two uncle’s home for a walk, my husband saw me holding a child to go, said that the child will not take, take a child to like to go to red envelope, not good-looking, also said that when the people who understand nature come to return gifts.I think so. My two kids, as everyone knows, are not supposed to return the favor.So I can go alone with my husband.First, I went to my uncle’s side, and when I didn’t see any children after chatting, I took the red envelope to my four nephews with children. One of them was a red envelope of 100 yuan, and my eldest nephew was also two children. Altogether, five red envelopes were given out.Then uncle uncle aunt, each is a 200 red envelope, went to 400.Before leaving my lobby sister-in-law also said, and so on to hold a child to red envelope, I also with a good sentence.Come back to my two uncle home, cousin and cousin each two children, with 400, they see I did not take children, also did not return my red envelope.Come back to my mother’s house, eat after dinner three brother-in-law give red envelope first, a child give 50, my two elder sister said no money ah, I also give 50 line.She gave me a 50 for my two kids.I think what oneself prepare is 100 red envelope, besides she first I behind also went to uncle 2 uncle’s house, know what I give is 100, wait for also return her 50 words she rather say close return of little.But she had three kids, and she brought one of her husband’s sister’s kids, four of them, so I gave her 400.However, my sister-in-law’s two children, I gave her two red envelopes of 100, she also gave back two red envelopes of 100, it is even.Third sister a child I gave a red envelope of 100, also calculate even.After dinner, my cousin came over and gave me a total of 120 red envelopes for my two children.Behind two elder sister two elder sister husband and my husband eat wine and chat over uncle that.I wanted to go, too, but I was worried that the children would find me, so I had to take the younger one, who was more than 3 years old.But think about it really like taking a child to a red envelope, and no face, sister-in-law also said so, I did not go.I thought if someone wanted to return the favor, he could give it to my husband.But the back of the husband came back, did not see a red envelope.This year, I went to relatives, I calculated that excluding the children back, I spent 1480 yuan more red envelope, is the worst loss.I come back to think is really regret, uncle two uncles all have a house and a car, I have a job without a house and a car a month on 4000 yuan salary, but also dead to face.Usually, I am not willing to buy a coat that costs hundreds of yuan. After the New Year, I have to pay nearly 8,000 yuan for the kindergarten tuition for my two children. I have to tighten my belt to live.The more I thought about it, the more I regretted that I didn’t have my own opinions and always listened to my husband. If a relative has a child, he or she doesn’t take a child unless the child is too big to follow.And my second sister brought her husband’s sister’s child, I wanted to give less, my husband said that more children can be how much more money, just give the same, I gave the same.I think now, I have no opinion, these money can be my own out, from buy New Year’s goods to New Year’s money, my husband can not give me a point, BUT I listen to him sent so much of their own hard-earned money, really quite regret.After that, I don’t want to pay New Year’s greetings any more.