However, Zhuge Liang secretly left 10,000 elite troops to defend against one enemy. He was not allowed to return even when Shu Han was destroyed

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At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, all the heroes tried to win over their Allies, expand their territory and establish political power under their own banner. The relationship between them was extremely unstable. They might be friends today and turn against each other tomorrow, which was destined to create a turbulent and changing era.As we all know, cao Cao occupied the north and Sun Quan occupied the east of the river in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. Liu Bei, as a descendant of the royal family, also wanted to help the Han dynasty.At this time, Cao Cao was in the ascendant, and had the ambition to dominate the world, so Cao Wei became the biggest enemy of Wu and Liu Bei.Sun Liu alliance, cao Cao army is the so-called “the world xi Xi, all for benefit;The world is bustling, all for the sake of profit “cao Cao had already set out from Jiangling, the Yangtze River down the east.Zhuge Liang said to Liu Bei, “The situation is critical. I have been ordered to go to General Sun for help.”They had to join forces even though they knew they would remain hostile.Zhuge Liang followed Lu Su to meet Sun Quan in Chisang and carefully analyzed the advantages and disadvantages with him at that time. If Sun And Liu were not aligned, cao Cao’s family would be allowed to become the dominant one, while if the two were united, Cao Cao would retreat to the north, so that the power of Jingzhou and Eastern Wu would be strengthened, and a stable situation of three warring factions would be formed.After sun Quan and Liu Bei formed an alliance, they fought one of the most famous battles of the late Eastern Han Dynasty, the Battle of Chibi.Sun Liu allied forces, the leader of the water war, skillfully used fire attack, so that the Cao army was defeated and withdrew, but at that time, the allied forces only had 50,000, cao’s army had 200,000, it is a famous battle in history.However, the peace brought by this victory did not last long.There are no permanent enemies in the world, only permanent interests.After the Battle of Chibi, the seven prefectures of Jingzhou were divided up by liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan, among which Nan Prefecture was borrowed from Wu. Liu Bei valued love and justice, so he returned Changsha and Guiyang prefectures after he entered the middle of Shu.At that time, Shu Han was growing stronger, cao Wei was also in the middle of the situation is not favorable, so in the form of three division of the world established, Sun Quan turned his eyes to the former ally.According to the records of The Three Kingdoms, Jingzhou, as a traffic fortress, is thought to be a battleground.”Inside han dynasty in the north, mianyang covered the South China Sea, connected wu Hui in the east, and connected Ba and Shu in the west”. Zhuge Liang mentioned the importance of Jingzhou in the first chapter of “Romance of The Three Kingdoms”.Jingzhou was of great importance to both shu and Wu, so when Shu began its northern expedition into the Central Plains, it still sent generals to defend Jingzhou.However, Zhang Fei was too reckless under Liu Bei. Zhuge Liang was transferred to Sichuan province, so guan Yu was responsible for guarding Jingzhou.However, although Guan Yu was valiant and skilled in battle, he also felt proud of himself.Sun Quan took this as his consideration. When Guan Yu was attacking Cao Cao’s xiangfan region, he sent lv Meng, his general, to attack the three counties of Jingzhou, but guan Yu was not in charge of Jingzhou.After the Wu army attacked Jiangling, Guan Yu was defeated and was killed by the Wu army together with his son.Personally speaking, guan Yu’s outcome was sad, but for Shu Han, the loss of Jingzhou was also harmful to the whole plan of unifying the Central Plains.Guan Yu was not only liu Bei’s trusted general, but also his sworn brother.Guan Yu’s death broke the already precarious relationship between shu and Wu.In order to avenge Guan Yu, Liu Bei mobilized all the troops of Shu Han to wage a war against Sun Quan, and finally defeated Yiling, and the relations between the two states fell to a freezing point.Although this was against the principles of benevolence and righteousness, cao Wei was so powerful that no one could stand up to it alone.If shu and Wu had fought each other, it would have been only “the third and the oyster and the fisherman’s profit”, so even if the two states had fought each other, it did not get much worse, and most of it was a tentative arrangement.In order to conquer cao, Shu and Wu had to cooperate again. In 229, Zhuge Liang sent emissariesto Eastern Wu to establish an alliance, and made a contract to divide the kingdom with Hanggu Pass as the boundary.Although shu and Wu united again, the relationship was also secretly hostile and outwardly peaceful.With the lessons of Sun Quan’s treachery and guan Yu’s death in mind, Zhuge Liang had to be wary of his ally.Therefore, zhuge Liang did not use all the strength of Shu Han, but always reserved some to defend the capital of Shu Han in order to prevent Eastern Wu from doing the same.This makes co-operation between the two militaries less effective than before.In the process of zhuge Liang’s northern expedition against Wei, in order to prevent wu’s surprise attack, he would send his trusted generals to guard the capital.Chen Was the second most powerful soldier in the army after Zhao Yun. Zhuge Liang ordered him to lead the shu Han elite army Bai 毦 soldiers to guard Yong ‘an.Zhuge Liang left such an important general to defend the capital, which shows that the threat of The Eastern Wu was always in his mind. He also wanted to tell the Eastern Wu that The Shu Han had taken precautions, so that the other party would not dare to act rashly.As is known to all, Zhuge Liang devoted all his life to shu Han until he died. During his several northern expeditions for decades, he kept ten thousand elite soldiers stationed in the capital, keeping the last barrier for the foundation of Shu Han, and did not withdraw until the collapse of Shu Han.In 234, Zhuge Liang died of illness, leaving Shu Han without an important adviser.Rao is zhuge Liang exhausted his efforts to arrange for Liu Chan, but shu Han fortune or day by day, Sun Quan took the opportunity to surge ten thousand troops at the border of the two countries, is the heart of Sima Zhao.Although zhuge Liang died, shu Han still had many people who were capable of civil and military affairs, but Liu Chan had the command of the emperor, but he was not capable of military affairs.In 236, Deng Ai of Cao Wei attacked Yinping. Liu Chan was forced to abdicate the throne, and Shu was declared an end.At this time, Seeing the collapse of Shu, The State of Wu also wanted to expand its territory to take a share of the pie, so it gathered its forces and launched a fierce attack on Yong ‘an, once the gateway of Shu.Originally the country no longer exists, Sun Quan thought it was easy to win Yong ‘an, did not expect to encounter Zhuge Liang had deployed in this 10,000 elite troops to resist.After that, Wu launched several attacks, but Yong ‘an was an impenetrable fortress. Luo Xian, a fierce general of Yong ‘an, defeated wu’s troops and ruined wu’s expansion plan. In the end, wu surrendered and ended up with the same fate as shu and Han.Although the kingdom of Shu was shattered, Yongan was still able to resist the invasion from outside, which shows zhuge Liang’s profound thinking.It can also be seen that, under the drive of interests, even if the temporary cooperation, but the heart can not be without people.Keep your options open at all times.