European transfer news: Tottenham hotspur add tomasz Kurusevski and Tomas Bentancourt, frank lampard to Everton

2022-08-09 0 By

The European transfer market seems to be buzzing for the last few days and now some transfers are likely to be finalised. There are some interesting transfers. Apart from some that we knew about at the beginning, some players are a bit of a surprise, and the amount of money the teams are paying is a bit of a surprise.Spurs finally to new people, should be two of the juve players, kourou rousseff and Kurt should be confirmed with this, the spurs got two new players, respectively is the temple library and kourou, and these two people are juve players, of course, the two players to join is very interesting, but from today’s news, one is a loan, a move,Bentancour should be transferred, the transfer fee is around 19 million euros, with a floating clause, maybe 25 million euros, he should have a chance to go to Tottenham, after all, Tottenham are also short of this type of midfield player, and Kurusevski to Tottenham, actually looks like a thrilling choice.After all, Khurusevski really doesn’t have much confidence right now, it seems that he really doesn’t have confidence to play the game.It’s kind of frustrating.At least these two have given Courtney some fresh hands to work with, and that’s it.Lampard is determined to join everton, and he wants to introduce new frank lampard to join everton, this is to determine, to everton, of course, means he is going to help the team avoid relegation, this is the key, also is not the point, because it appears that frank lampard’s signings object is very interesting, that is to introduce van baker, all know van baker price not low, and now has been played out,This is a real risk for Everton, the team is now relegation zone team situation, how to avoid relegation is the real problem, but lampard really fit this team?With Chelsea’s results, maybe he just came to practise, that’s where it gets frustrating.Brentford have confirmed that Sven-goran eriksson is medically cleared to play in the premier League, although the arrival of sven-goran eriksson would give brentford the chance to avoid relegation as soon as possible, even though they do not seem to be under any pressure to avoid relegation.Inter is completed some signings, but may be next season signings inter has a new look, but may be next season, marca is oral promise to inter milan, for he, of course, is a center, the center should help bring the team, after all inter can now is to find a succession of dzeko, card marca look is a good choice.The player is young, and with the loan of Senci, sampdoria seem to want to buy him, but I don’t think inter want to sell him, that’s the case.There is also some speculation about Dembele. Barca are running out of ideas, want him to leave, and then get Aubameyang, but the problem is that he may not leave, that’s the situation.So hopefully there will be a lot of transfers on the final day, so let’s look at that.