A moment of floating life, a journey of landscape, a time of poetry, poetry of philosophy

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The fastest while the slowest, the longest while the shortest, the most ordinary while the most precious, the most easily overlooked and the most regrettable thing in the world is time.Li Bai said: “Floating life if dream, for happy geometry?”A moment of floating life, a journey of landscape a time.The rest of my life is not so long, only time rush.Only wish, love yourself well, love worthy people well for their own to hand over a satisfactory life answer paper.Time is a moving river. It never stops to think about where it is going.All it knows is onward, onward, onward, perhaps ahead is its dream, perhaps ahead is its hope.Time is a river moving forward, it will never stop to think about the resistance.All it knows is go, go, go.Perhaps the front has its deepest love, perhaps the front is its deepest care.We are the clouds in the sky, constantly floating, shining and trembling.Dancing with the sun in the blue sky during the day changing shapes.Night chases the moon and adorns the starry dream.But with a gust of wind, clouds tend to disperse.We are the forgotten harp, alone in a net corner, rattling with the wind.May be aging, may be recalling once brilliant.Whether we are happy or sad, all things are changing, and there is no eternity in the world except change.Recognize beauty, explore beauty, discover beauty, love beauty.Pursue beautiful footprints, live a beautiful life.Liwen yue heart, with beautiful words, cheerful heart.Editor Ru Liwen, a lover of literature, likes literature and poetry.May life and poetry always accompany, may time and beauty always depend on each other!Pictures from the Internet.