150 thousand to buy SUV, intelligent technology full jiangling Ford collar rui is a new choice?Delivery in May!

2022-08-09 0 By

When you see this automatic parking, do you have the illusion of watching a science fiction movie?This is the black technology of Jiangling Ford, full of science and technology sense.On March 14, the new version of JMC Ford Lingrun was opened for pre-sale, with a pre-sale price of 148,800 yuan and expected to be delivered in May.In terms of appearance, the ultra-long wheelbase of 2726mm and the width of the cross-class car of 1935mm bring large rear knee space and aisle space to the Lingru.In terms of power, the new car adopts a combination of Ford high-performance 1.5T engine and wet 7DCT dual clutch gearbox, with maximum power and peak torque of 125kW and moment of 260N·m respectively, fully ensuring sufficient power.At the same time, the main direction of science and technology led the farce in the interior and black technology nature unambiguous, 7 inches of liquid crystal instrument 4.0 + 12.3 inch touch screen for intermediate implant tencent TAI machine systems, intelligent car has high recognition partition speech control, remote unlock/lock and launch vehicles/air conditioning, and other functions, and carry the WeChat can be a key to start the car,Seamless connection with mobile wechat, intelligent voice search, full voice interaction, mobile phone Bluetooth sensing, receive location information to initiate quick navigation and so on.DCLC intelligent lane change assist and LRAS tracking and reversing assist are two black technologies that provide great convenience for daily travel.There is no doubt that such a price is 150,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan, and the space, power and intelligent black science and technology have revealed full of sincerity, you have moved?