Wu Dajing: I hope young people grow up quickly

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No one more than Wu Dajing hopes to end the Winter Olympics with a medal or even a gold medal, so appeared in the mixed area of Wu Dajing is still a little lost.4 days ago Wu Dajing say most is “regret” 2 words, because he was on the men’s 500 meters final group A, and four days later, standing in front of everyone again, he is not much to mention the 5000 meters relay’s mistake, he said after return will summarize the gain and loss, for the games, he want to see most is like Sun Long young people grow up soon.”In the last two races, we were third and second in the relay, so this time we really went for the championship, but unfortunately it came out the way it did, but we’re happy with it and that’s what we need to sum up.”This is wu Dajing interview said the first sentence, although the tone is so calm, but his heart how much or there will be some ripples.After all, had it not been for that mistake, China, which had come in third, had a good chance of medal contention.But competitive sports don’t have those assumptions, and the actual result was that China missed the podium with 13 laps to go.As Wu Dajing, this is not really a satisfactory result.Sun fell off the track but he, along with the rest of his teammates, took the result and gave the young Sun support: “We knew he was under a lot of pressure and we needed to give him some space and encouragement.”As the team’s big brother, Wu Dajing is very cherish now each item competition opportunity, and in this competition, there are a lot of moments will be remembered by him.”In fact, there were a lot of surprises in this competition. For example, we won the gold medal in the mixed relay on the first day, which was a good example for the Chinese sports delegation.I am also happy about Ren ziwei’s victory, because I have witnessed his hard work step by step since he joined the national team. I am as excited as he is.”He said.Although Wu dajing has not yet made clear her future path, it is certain that China’s short track speed skating team will rely more on the younger generation in the future.For the team of these young people, Wu Dajing said, I hope they can grow up quickly, as soon as possible to assume more responsibility, “now the team is a lot of 00 players, I hope they can grow up quickly, and we continue to fight together.””I believe the short track speed skating team can be better in the future.”This is wu Dajing face reporters said the last words, but also the veteran for China’s short track team expectations.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhang Kunlong editor xu Zhao