The story of “Little Flower” housewarming

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It is not known how long the truck drove until a screeching brake was heard — destination had arrived.Such long-distance “housechange”, let “floret” and partners how much can not bear a bit, but fortunately arrived finally new “home”.With a “clash”, the car doors opened: the flat grounds, new buildings and a clear blue sky came into view…Everything was so strange and so beautiful.Right in front of the door, a man of 40 years old has been waiting in advance, smiling to meet the arrival of “little flower” and partners.”Simmental, good breed!Someone nearby tut-tut praise.But the man did not respond.Or did not hear, or take into account not up, at this time, the man’s eyes all fell on the “floret” and partners of the body.The man, chai Hongjiang, is the owner of the farm where Xiaohua and her friends are now living.But xiaohua is actually just a calf, as are more than 120 of her friends.The date is April 6, 2022.This day is xi ‘an Lintong District chun he livestock farm official operation of the first day.On this day, “Xiaohua” and its friends became the first “residents” of the new farm.New “home” area is not small, covers an area of more than 80 acres.Cement floor, iron fence, painted steel roof……Storehouse, green storage cellar, heated drink cistern and so on everything, three words: modern.”This is the first issue.”Chai Hongjiang introduced to the crowd: “This year we will not only build office buildings, staff dormitories, but also build a cattle shed!”Chai’s eyes are brimming with confidence and pride as he says this.Chai hongjiang, a native of Lintong, accumulated some savings by running a building materials business a few years ago.Chai hongjiang’s home in xinshi street office is an agricultural street office, dairy and livestock industry is a traditional industry is also a characteristic industry.According to the local plan, grain, vegetables, dairy animals will be the focus of the area’s future development.”When you get a good chance, you’re going to take us all in.”Chai hongjiang said.The first meal in a new “home” must be sumptuous: fresh wheatgrass, delicious ingredients, not only nutritious, but also the color, smell and taste.”Small flower” and partners regardless of birth, enjoying the host carefully prepared “reception feast.”For this day, Chai Hongjiang took his workers to work for half a year: building sheds, leveling the site, disinfecting in advance, purchasing forage…There are different things to do every day, and every day is exciting.Chai hongjiang is not alone in his excitement, but also people in the villages near the farm.Hired to work in the farm, from the day “xiaohua” and his friends “moved in”, these native farmers turned into workers, working at the door, the field, home, farm can care for, one body, three incomes, who can not be excited?And that’s not enough.Recently, the baocun cadres of the street office have been sending all kinds of good news: “The district Party Congress has decided to build modern agriculture with characteristics of metropolitan suburbs, and dairy and livestock will be developed as one of the three leading industries.””This year, the district will accelerate the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. Our industries will grow and our village roads will become more beautiful. Just wait, good days are not far behind us.””The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be held soon, and there will be many good policies for our countryside and farmers.”(Shaanxi Bureau of China Daily