The market rebound is still under pressure, April style facing conversion, the two directions are expected to be abreast

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Win the market in April with perfect start, also for April and opened a good start in the second quarter, before the last day of strong gains a bit more than expected, but the 3300 – point pressure is still large, are unlikely to continue upward after big probability to continue gaining, and in the new open, with the second quarter market style also is expected to usher in change.The 30-day line is located at 3320 points, the 120-week line is located at 3327 points, and the 5-week line is just located at 3300 points. Combined, the pressure between 3300 and 3330 is greater.Is also the beginning of March 3330 points up in position, has several big Yin line, so the market rebound, the road is still hard, reference in February, when the Shanghai composite index sideways for about a month of time, then get down, so this time due to the adjustment of deep, now low distance of 3023 has been 3 weeks time, if the same sideways a month get plate,So it will take at least a week, that is to say, next week the market will face the choice of direction, on the whole, the technical trend has no big obstacle, just the rebound of the problem, because gem suffered four consecutive monthly decline, the monthly line in April is more optimistic.Property sector into the end into April, the biggest attraction is what plate, plate which can conveniently rise, because in the past for a period of time the differentiation of the plate is very serious, the strong and weak weak, influenced by various factors, drug sector strong performance in the past few weeks, but at the end of the late start of large area,Pharmaceutical sector as well as large probability into the callback period in April, and the recent hot real estate sector face the same choice, even though real estate sector still has many stocks, but also started to become loose, continued positive cash nicely shares, as the rotation speed of the plates, the real estate sector excessive short-term cumulative gains also face adjustment,As we have recently continued to emphasize, real estate and medicine are high-risk sectors, with little operational value, and funds will gradually flow from high to low.Low valuations rise in April, the first trading day is on Friday, big financial led again, this is not the first time that big financial rebound, but the recent sustained upward, bank, insurance, brokerage, take turns, one of the leading financial representative of the low valuations plate, north money recently joined into the bottom, also bring weight blue-chip rebound opportunities, is also a barometer,Low valuations also want to catch up the weight plates, big financial rise, other blue-chip white horse, such as consumer, construction, household appliances, etc., and MAO began to rebound, from all walks of life to them in addition to the low valuation, with a focus on the overall low share prices, belong to low double attributes, even the ningde times recent trends, are very stable, this means that a broad categories of double low plate will start,Also oversold, new energy, technology stocks are also expected to follow.RMB yuan universe NFT theme stocks, the outbreak of the recent active universe NFT plates, digital currency also often rise, in addition to the expected, the subjects belong to the frontier strong science and technology, digital economy, including the east west are such subjects will still be the main theme of the main line, photovoltaic, wind power, green electricity the recent news of good clean energy direction constantly,Rebound is expected to open in April, compared with the recent rise is not hard to find, low chance than high, huawei concept news also more, also is expected to add new hype point to area, on the whole, after the tomb-sweeping day, the market will transform style, will also change the direction of plate hype, tuyere + + low expectations, is the main direction of picking stocks.Overall, holiday periphery general rise, Wednesday opening A shares are expected to open high, but 3300 points to 3330 points still have heavy pressure, strong still need to guard against concussion, operation, light index heavy stocks, heavy plate, heavy structure!