The construction of large passage into the double cycle

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Today, Guizhou is embracing the world with unprecedented openness.Since the 12th Provincial Party Congress, Guizhou has kept up with the pace of China’s opening up to the outside world, unblocked internal and external opening channels, given full play to its geographical advantages, and built an efficient and functional open channel system.Take the opening platform as an important breakthrough and build a strong engine leading Guizhou’s opening to the outside world;Guizhou has made clear its new path of opening-up and development, actively participated in the domestic cycle and the domestic and international double cycle, and opened up in an all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging way. A new pattern of linkage between land and sea and two-way opening-up between east and west is taking shape.High-quality development is inseparable from high-quality opening-up.Today, Guizhou is opening up more and more steadily, and the road of opening up is getting wider and wider. On the journey of high-quality development, a new picture of opening up is emerging in central Guizhou.As an inland city, Guizhou does not rely on the sea, nor does it have a border area, nor does it face the river. As a result, the foundation for opening-up and development is weak and the total volume is small.The transportation of the whole province has changed dramatically, reconstructing the new pattern of guizhou’s open development, opening up the internal and external channels, and promoting the great development of open economy in all directions and fields.”At present, most of guiyang Hisense’s raw materials are supplied by enterprises in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and its products are mainly transported by road. The operation of Guizhou and Guangdong Train has changed the transportation mode of single road, and can also improve the transportation capacity and safety of goods, and reduce the consumption of resources and time.”On March 14, in the “guiyang appearance – shenzhen ping hunan” test at the scene of the freight trains, guiyang AnYuJiang hisense electronics co., LTD. General manager is very excited, as a positive into a large bay area of guangdong guizhou another pragmatic move, qian yue trains running will give full play to the railway freight volume is relatively concentrated, large unit capacity, low energy consumption characteristics of low pollution and other advantages,To realize the collection of goods, improve logistics efficiency, reduce logistics costs.Good news keeps coming.Fourteen 500-ton cargo ships carrying 6,000 tons of phosphate ore left Shunerde wharf in Kaiyang Port district of Guiyang recently and headed for Fuling in Chongqing to enter the Yangtze River. This is the fourth large-scale transport in Kaiyang Port district since the full line of the Wujiang River resumed operation.Guizhou avionics development investment co., LTD., relevant controller introduces, in the second half of this year, is expected to have a ship launched a new creation, “golden waterway” will further highlight the advantages of wujiang river, qian mountain goods smooth, water transport logistics cost reduction, will form a normalized mass transportation, marks of water transportation in central guizhou portal has been opened,For “guizhou goods out of the mountain” opened up a new strategic channel for “industrial interconnection” to provide a new path choice.Continuously expanding the open platform is an important carrier for Guizhou to open up to the outside world. Making the open platform bigger and stronger will provide more “living water sources” for Guizhou to build itself into an inland opening highland.In February, guiyang to change places under the customs supervision and railway railway private sidings officially opened the container freight service conditions, means to change places under the customs supervision and railway will have the ability to integrated operation and and become unicom international and domestic important hub of railway logistics trade channel, promote guizhou speed up into a large bay area of guangdong and chengdu-chongqing economic circle,And speed up the connection with the Beibu Gulf economic zone and the central Yunnan Economic zone, forming a logistics system linking the provinces and international logistics channels.Guiyang railway construction investment co., LTD., general manager assistant Wei Qirui, said the next step, guiyang and railway instead places under the customs supervision will be combined with local key industries supply chain requirements, give full play to the comprehensive transportation hub advantage, actively participate in the western Lu Haixin channel construction, the use of important strategic nodes gathering radiation efficiency, make import and export cargo consolidation, distribution and transit center,We will support the internationalized development of local industries and industrial chains, and help “Guizhou goods go out of the mountains and sea goods go into Guizhou”.”The procedures here are clear, the policies are good, and the attitude of the customs service is good. The company completed the formalities in less than three days. Now several containers of our goods have started to go through the customs formalities.”Chen Guozhan, general manager of Guizhou Xinghong Technology Co., LTD., said that a good business environment has become the key for the company to settle in Guian Comprehensive Security Zone.This is also the third maintenance enterprise to settle in GUI ‘an Comprehensive Security Zone this year since the bonded maintenance business landed in GUI ‘an Comprehensive Security Zone in 2019, indicating that the development trend of maintenance industry agglomeration in GUI ‘an Comprehensive Security Zone has basically formed.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, GUI ‘an Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Zunyi Comprehensive Bonded Zone have been approved by The State Council and successfully closed and operated, forming a linkage development pattern with Guiyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone.The total area of purse Seine area has grown from 1.00 square kilometers in the 12th Five-Year Plan period to 3.87 square kilometers. Electronic information, equipment manufacturing, agricultural products processing and other industries have achieved certain development, becoming an important platform for the province to open to the outside world.At the beginning of the 14th Five-year Plan, guizhou’s new system construction of a higher level of open economy is sonorous.We will promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, continue to deepen opening-up based on the flow of goods and factors of production, and build an institutional system and regulatory model in line with the prevailing international rules. Guizhou has identified a new path for opening-up and development.– Guizhou’s Implementation Opinions on Promoting high-quality Development of An Open Economy stipulates that by 2025, Guizhou’s open economy will achieve “one achievement, three and double”, that is, the proportion of net export in GDP will reach the national average level;Foreign trade import and export to ensure that the $160 billion, to 200 billion yuan, the actual use of foreign capital more than $800 million, cross-border electricity more than $1 billion, to achieve double three, development zone open level improved significantly, the open economy market main body strength enhanced obviously, open environment optimization, high levels of the open economy new system basic formation.– The “14th Five-year” Industrial Development Plan of Guizhou Province clearly proposes to build an opening platform, integrate into the “double cycle” new development pattern, comprehensively improve the development level and service capacity of the “1+8” national opening and innovation platform, further deepen cooperation with the eastern counterpart cities, and accelerate the construction of cooperative parks.To attract talents, technology and capital from the east and promote coordinated development between the east and the west.– In the “14th Five-year plan” for Port Development of Guizhou Province and the Action Plan for High-quality Development of Port Economy of Guizhou Province, it is clear that by 2035, a multi-level and three-dimensional port system will be formed that ports and port functional areas support each other, have different focuses, develop together and promote each other.To realize the coordination and complementarity of spatial layout, intensive and efficient allocation of resources, comprehensive supporting of service functions, continuous expansion of port economy, and promote and support the development of open economy of the province’s new port development pattern.What is more exciting is that the New State Development No. 2 document issued on the eve of this year’s Spring Festival clearly defined guizhou’s strategic positioning as a “new highland of inland open economy”, which pointed out the direction and injected strong impetus for Guizhou to blaze a new trail in the development of western China in the new era.Guizhou has opened wider to the outside world and ushered in a bright spring.Guizhou Daily sky eye news reporter Feng Qian editor Shen Chuan editor Wang Shuyi