Shichuan sports leisure characteristics town of Gaolan County to broaden win-win channels series boutique tourism projects sports leisure charm visitors

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Shichuan Sports leisure characteristic town of Gaolan County to broaden the win-win channel — series of boutique tourism projects sports leisure charm guest snowboard, double board, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing……Have you always wanted to try these skiing sports?Equestrian, fishing, grass skiing…Are these leisure activities already in your plan?In shichuan town of Gaolan County, more than 30 kinds of sports and leisure projects have been arranged, and relying on the unique regional advantages, a comprehensive industrial park integrating cultural education and leisure has been created. It is not only the “Utopia of Lanzhou people”, but also will lead the surrounding villagers to increase their income and become rich.It is reported that in 2017, in the list of 96 sports and leisure characteristic town pilot projects identified by the General Administration of Sport of China, Shichuan Sports and leisure characteristic town in Gaolan County, Lanzhou City is on the list, becoming the only featured town in Gansu Province.In 2021, with the consent of the provincial government, Shichuan sports and leisure characteristic town will be included in the list of characteristic towns in Gansu Province.Shichuan sports leisure characteristic town is located in Shichuan Town, Gaolan County, Dabantou Mountain, covering an area of about 6000 mu, after the early investment and construction, has been built covering an area of about 750 mu of a ski resort;An ornamental lotus pond covering an area of about 150 mu;Covering an area of about 100 mu, the four Seasons Flower Sea has produced good social and environmental benefits.In addition, the town of project planning and construction will be divided into cultural and sports fitness leisure tourism industry area, endowment culture industry area, folk culture industry area town (rose), and the ecological tourist area (production and living supporting service facilities, etc.) four big functions, to lanzhou city and tourists to provide a leisure vacation, ele, outdoor sports, leisure, fitness, entertainment, ideal tourist destination,To promote the joint development of local sports culture and tourism to provide a good site.Nowadays, in the snow season, Shichuan sports and leisure characteristic town takes ice and snow events as the main element, and sets up more than 10 skiing events such as snowboard, double snowboard, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and freestyle skiing to provide high-quality skiing experience for tourists.In addition, in the snow season, town will build an equestrian, joy, natural oasis research, extension, camp and so on five big sky sports function area, and combining the service radius and the landscape vision, make the stars, cross-country, equestrian club, shooting club, science club, rock climbing club sports club and so on six big theme, develop kinds of tourist crowd,To create a tourism town with characteristics of the whole category.How can we make good use of quality resources to make tourists stay?In the eyes of Miao Yuanliang, chairman of Gansu Hengyuan Investment Co LTD, getting tourists to stay requires providing a personalized experience.”In the mid-mountain extension area of the town, rich landforms are gathered. We will introduce all kinds of mountain extreme sports, which strongly promotes the in-depth integration of cultural tourism and sports.”Miao yuanliang said that tourists flock to shichuan ancient pear Garden every year when the pear blossoms are in full bloom.Using the unique regional advantages to create different tourism projects, so that tourists can have fun in the day and see at night, so that Shichuan from transit into a destination.However, in recent years, marathon has become an irresistible attraction. Its popularity has spread to major cities and fans can be seen everywhere.Nowadays, this popular sport all over the world is also favored by parents and children.With the help of this upsurge, the town will further create its own IP event — Guliyuan parent-child Marathon. Through the integration of sports industry, the town will increase tourism opportunities and drive the sales opportunities of agricultural and sideline products.Miao Yuanliang said that after the completion of shichuan sports and leisure characteristic town will be based on ecology, green ecological living environment in Lanzhou and even the northwest is the first attraction;Take sports as the theme, closely link sports leisure characteristic town to build sports-related industrial system;Featuring ice and snow, the influence of IP of ice and snow cultivated by ski resort for many years has been continuously amplified;With tourism as the core, shichuan Corridor will be built into an important characteristic tourism industry corridor.Lanzhou Longshan ski resort is one of the sports projects in shichuan sports leisure town.It is understood that the ski resort was built on March 1, 2016. The overall area is 2,000 mu, of which the snow making area is about 750 mu.The resort has 13 ski trails (1 advanced trail, 6 intermediate trail, 2 elementary trail and 4 practice trail).Among them, the length of about 1 km, slope ratio of 75% to 100% of the advanced, although for the ordinary skiers is unattainable, but it with its outstanding difficulty to attract many adventurers to challenge.Cold weather can’t stop people from getting close to ice and snow.February 12, reporters in longshan ski resort to see, skiing on the slopes galloping skiers vigorous posture, some foot skis galloping down from high, some under the guidance of the coach slowly learning……Skiers from all over the country enjoy the fun of sports in the snow.During the ski season, Longshan Ski resort receives a lot of family ski crowd, for this reason, the ski resort set up a children’s park, parents can take their children to play, experience the fun of ice and snow.There is also a snow hall of 19,800 square meters, equipped with snow suits, skis, poles, snowshoes, helmets, goggles, gloves and other professional snow equipment, to meet the needs of different skiing enthusiasts.”Wow, it’s spectacular!”A tourist from Hong Kong marveled at the frozen scenery as he entered the ski resort in an orderly manner.Seeing the snow on the hillside, he could not contain his inner excitement, “fully armed” finished, eagerly ran to the ski resort, and excitedly told the reporter, “to the ski resort has been a week, after every day practice, now can glide freely in the intermediate path, I think this trip is perfect.””This is the second time we have been to Longshan Ski resort. I used to fall when I was skiing, but I finally got the hang of it and enjoyed it very much.”Zhang Xing, from Pingliang, said there were six of them, all good friends, who planned to spend a few days before returning.”The snow season in Lanzhou only lasts 100 days, and this year’s ski resort operation will end at the end of February.”Mo Wenjie, assistant to chairman of Gansu Hengyuan Investment Co LTD, said, “The maximum number of visitors during the snow season this year is 5,000, and the average number is 1,500. After the snow season ends, the number of visitors is expected to be 150,000.”Drive the employment of surrounding villagers to increase income “how much height, how old feet?”February 12, in the longshan ski resort snow facilities hall, the reporter saw the staff is orderly reception of tourists, one person swipe card, another person quickly from the back of the row of skis, snowshoes to choose the appropriate size, again check the safety performance, smiling to the ski, snowshoes to the tourists.”We have different lengths of skis, heavier skis for men and lighter skis for women, which are arranged in different places so that we can grab them quickly on a daily basis.”Longshan international ski resort snow hall double board area staff Wei Jinhua said.Every winter, longshan International Ski Resort business is booming, followed by the demand for employment, so that nearby villagers here to find a new way to increase income.In spring and summer they farm and breed, and in winter they work here, effectively increasing their income.Wei Jinhua is a villager in Shichuan town. After training, she was hired as a service worker in the double-plate area of the snowgear hall.Wei Jinhua told reporters: “I did not come to the ski resort before, in the field of odd jobs, income has been unstable.I will work here at the end of 2021. My monthly salary is 4,000 yuan and I can go home at night. I am very satisfied with this job.”At present, Longshan ski resort has opened ski resort coach, mechanical maintenance division, guide, waiter and other jobs, for the nearby surplus labor force to widen the channel to increase income and get rich.”Most of the staff working in our snow facilities hall are villagers from Shichuan town. While we are developing tourism, we are also increasing their income and solving the employment problem of local residents,” Mok told reporters.Mowenjie said that in addition to skiing, the construction of Shichuan sports and leisure town will also cover a series of sports events such as football, basketball, fencing, fishing, equestrian and so on, which will provide long-term employment for the villagers nearby and meet their perennial demand for work here.At the same time, the project will pay a large amount of taxes to the local government every year, which will play a good role in promoting the development of local economy.Full media reporter Cheng Shanshan/photo of Lanzhou Daily