Rushan: A package of policies to boost business confidence and boost high-quality economic development

2022-08-08 0 By

Recently, Rushan city held the conference to promote high-quality economic development, commended advanced, encouraged morale, and interpreted the relevant policies to support high-quality economic development, which further boosted the confidence of enterprises in development.At the meeting, Rushan city awarded prizes to the top 30 local tax paying enterprises in 2021 and 10 enterprise representatives who won the support fund award, among which Weihai Bethel Automotive Safety System Co., LTD.The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of cast aluminum steering knuckles, control arms and other key automotive components.In 2021, the company completed technical upgrading and intelligent workshop transformation projects with high quality, further expanding production.According to the encouragement policy of the city, the enterprise was rewarded with 1.229 million yuan of support funds. Meanwhile, its tax amount ranked the third in the city and won the “double material” commendation award.”The Rushan government gave us recognition and rewards, which boosted our confidence greatly.We will step up our efforts to fully implement the ‘smart factory’.The third phase of the new plant will be completed by the end of this year and mass production is expected to begin in April next year.We expect to increase production by 1.5 million units and increase sales by 230 million units, fully hitting our sales target of 1.5 billion for 24 years.”Weihai Bethel Automotive Safety Systems Co., LTD., deputy general manager Li Lei introduced.Weihai Bethel Automobile Safety System Co., Ltd. is one of the key industrial enterprises in Rushan City.In order to promote enterprises to be better, stronger and bigger, Rushan vigorously implemented the enterprise cascade cultivation project, strengthened policy support, implemented dynamic management, and fully supported enterprises to hit the new target.Rushan city bureau of industry and information technology party member of li qiang introduces to the reporter said, “we according to different size of enterprises, more than the annual business revenue base, identified the five class, each class set operating income growth and economic development contribution conditions of two targets and incentives to support standard, give play to the role of financial leverage move,We will encourage enterprises to expand and become stronger.”To serve enterprises and understand their needs is the first step.In order to solve the problem that the communication between the government and enterprises and between enterprises is not smooth enough, rushan city decided to hold “Rushan Entrepreneurs Day” this year. Through discussion, exchange, observation, learning and training, point-to-point research and other forms, the government can understand the needs of enterprises and take measures as needed.It also enables enterprises to trust, complement and integrate with each other to achieve the development of the delegation.”Rushan Municipal Party Committee and Government formulated an implementation plan for ‘Rushan Entrepreneurs Day’ to smooth the communication channels between government and enterprises, promote the implementation of enterprise-related policies and solve the demands of enterprises.In 2022, Jinding is committed to becoming the leading enterprise and local brand of Rushan real estate enterprise and Rushan oyster industry, to implement high-quality industrial transformation, make greater contribution to the city’s economic development, and strive to pay more than 85 million tax, to hit the target of Weihai top 50 tax paying enterprises.”It is difficult to attract and retain talents, which is one of the important problems restricting the development of enterprises.To this end, the city revised and improved the Implementation Measures of Rushan Young Talents “Dream Building Project”, further expanded the scope of subsidies, increased the content of internship subsidies, and improved the supporting policies for talent training, so that more talents could integrate into rushan and stay in Rushan.A sound business environment is the foundation for the development of enterprises.Rushan city has intensified services for enterprises, established a whole-process resolution mechanism for enterprises’ problems and appeals, optimized the approval process, and truly realized that “the government turns around enterprises and enterprises do things immediately”, so that enterprises do not ask for help and have the confidence to develop.Jiang Feng, chairman of Weihai Longfeng Silica Gel Co., LTD., said: “Vigorously support the development of enterprises, and vigorously improve the social status of entrepreneurs, so that entrepreneurs open their arms to work, so that entrepreneurs full of confidence, full of power.In the future, I will continue to increase the strength of scientific and technological innovation, to the benefit of science and technology, and strive to hit the new goal of Weihai top 50 tax payers, and strive to achieve an output value of one billion yuan and tax over one billion yuan within three years.”(Correspondent Wang Wenqi)