Jiaozuo Ma Cun District market supervision bureau to take “three to strengthen” to promote the resumption of restaurant services

2022-08-08 0 By

On the morning of April 4, The Market Supervision Bureau of Macun District took swift action after receiving the notice from the Office of The Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters (No. 20, 2022). Yang Jun, party Secretary of the Bureau, led the team to the frontline of the catering industry and urged all catering service units to strictly follow the epidemic prevention and control requirements and implement various epidemic prevention measures.We will examine the operating conditions of catering units that meet the conditions to ensure the safety of people’s food and normal production and life order.Strengthening supervision over epidemic prevention and control.Catering units that meet the requirements shall be organized to resume in-house catering operations in an orderly manner, and daily supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention and control shall be strengthened. If the requirements for epidemic prevention and control are not strictly implemented, they shall be immediately ordered to stop business for rectification, and only after the rectification and acceptance are qualified can they resume operations and consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention and control.Strengthening health monitoring of employees.Check the health certificates of employees when the catering service business units resume in-house meals for the first time, and require the business units to do a good job in daily health monitoring of employees, strictly implement the prevention and control measures for employees, to ensure food and personnel safety.We will strengthen oversight of food safety.We will urge catering service units to earnestly fulfill their primary responsibility for epidemic prevention and control and food safety, carry out self-inspection and self-rectification in a comprehensive manner, thoroughly remove expired or spoiled food and raw materials that do not meet food safety standards, eliminate all kinds of risks and hidden dangers, and ensure the bottom line of food safety.At present, ma Cun district has been accepted to resume the restaurant operation of 159 catering units.Contribution: Yuan Hui Editor: Yuan Hui Review: Zhao Aiyun