Focus on Beijing Winter Olympics visits the Winter Olympics news base for cutting-edge information

2022-08-08 0 By

The Winter Olympic Games are in full swing, all kinds of information through the media also let us have a panoramic view.And the integration of these information broadcast through the organizing committee of the news center, today, we go to visit these days our station front report team to obtain cutting-edge information “base camp”, see what features and highlights there?(this is the Beijing international hotel conference center of the 2022 Beijing news center is a major service in the 2022 Beijing Olympics unregistered but with formal journalist media practitioners) according to the statistics, the 432, 1770 Chinese and foreign journalists registered success, become the most widely participate in press coverage of the Olympic winter games the registered reporter news center.(press center has three key words The first keyword) within 20 days, the 2022 Beijing news center activity of news was best for everyone, best picture display and one thousand heralded ZhanChen, interviews from the press release to cities, from the scene relate to the interactive display, style rich, diverse and fresh to provide comprehensive and in-depth news information services.(the second key words in the news center of science and technology never leave home can clock in the big games are games venues You look ahead to reach the national swimming center ice cube focus on the games are all know that in this let’s win the games are suggested with a China) glowed experience area, the fusion of a variety of innovative technology, can promote the interaction between the different space of holographic live, interview;Interactive games Click “Winter Olympics” project, get a sense of participation;Simulation robot, full sense of science and technology, feel the charm of the wisdom of the Winter Olympics.(The third key word, the third layer of service is the reporter’s working area, which provides high-speed network. The large screen on the north side can also realize 8K signal display. At the same time, it also provides transportation, catering and other services for journalists.