Ineffective prevention and control in pharmacies?seal

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Modern Express (Reporter Zhu Jinrun, reporter Hua Yunyi) Recently, Wuxi Binhu District Market Supervision Bureau, together with street epidemic prevention headquarters and public security and other departments of the 3 retail pharmacies ineffective prevention and control on the spot, and ordered to suspend business for rectification.The three pharmacies are Nepstar Tianzhu Store, Aikang pharmacy, And Parkway Pharmacy Meiyuan Store.Modern Express reporters learned that under the guidance of law enforcement officers, 3 pharmacies still failed to check identity information when selling “category 4” drugs, some employees did not wear masks, and customers did not check temperature and scan code when entering the store, which posed great risks and hidden dangers.In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, firmly shut down!To effectively cope with the sudden epidemic prevention and control situation, comprehensively strengthen the retail pharmacies epidemic prevention and control “the sentinel”, since February, binhu district market supervision bureau in 192 retail pharmacies in the full cover inspection, on the basis of by conducting casual YeZha, focus on supervision, emergency drills, further compaction compaction pharmacy epidemic prevention and control main body responsibility,We will take targeted measures to effectively improve the effectiveness of supervision and ensure that all prevention and control measures are in place.Since February 16, law enforcement officers have carried out raids in the form of night raids in casual clothes. So far, a total of 30 retail pharmacies have been inspected.The focus is to check whether the drugstore registers the customers who buy the “four types of drugs” one by one, whether the information is true, accurate and complete, and whether the ID card and medical insurance card of the buyers are checked on the spot.At the same time, the staff’s health management registration and COVID-19 vaccination were checked, and they were required to pay more attention to the situation and fully implement the epidemic prevention and control measures.Since February, 410 law enforcement officers have been dispatched to inspect 205 retail pharmacies, focusing on the epidemic prevention and control document system, disinfection records of business premises, health monitoring records of staff, implementation of prevention and control requirements for admission, and real-name registration of drug purchases of category four drugs.Strengthen the exposure of negative examples, and constantly strengthen the role of warning and education, so that other businesses can take warning, strictly do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and strive to achieve the effect of “shutting down a point, educating a side”.Emergency drills in retail pharmacies epidemic prevention and control, field demonstration pharmacy epidemic prevention and control requirements, the simulation of a fever customers into the store to buy medicine, pharmacy staff according to the contingency plans to take the whole process of disposal, ask the customer details and register, the first telephone report area COVID – 19 epidemic emergency headquarters and the district center for disease control and prevention, cooperate with the prevention and control departments to further treatment.The drill video was filmed and provided to retail pharmacies for reference, so as to further improve their awareness of normal epidemic prevention and control as well as their ability to deal with emergencies, so as to achieve the purpose of “promoting practice with practice, fighting with practice and promoting reform with war”.