Hebei digs ji Xiaolan tomb, there are 7 women sitting inside, uncovered the true face of Ji Xiaolan

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In the 1960s and 1970s, a large tomb near Cuerzhuang village in Cangzhou county, Hebei Province, was dug up, and the area has been frequented by grave robbers ever since.The local bureau of cultural relics and archaeological experts were saddened by the news and immediately carried out rescue excavations in the area. Unfortunately, there were not many funerary goods and some were even damaged.During the subsequent excavation, experts also found the coffin of the tomb’s owner, but to everyone’s surprise, around the coffin sat the bones of seven people in the same position.Who is the owner of the tomb, who is sitting around the coffin bones, for a time around the people want to solve the puzzle as soon as possible.After excavating the coffin and studying the contents of the tomb, archaeologists have finally determined that the tomb belonged to ji Xiaolan, a well-known figure in the Qing dynasty.And the coffin around the bones of the owners are all female, according to the research of archaeological experts speculated that these people should be all Ji Xiaolan’s concubine.This makes a person very unimaginable, in our impression, Ji Xiaolan is a well-educated person full of knowledge and knowledge, and in many movies and TV plays created by ji Xiaolan are very special feelings of the positive image.Be like “iron teeth Ji Xiaolan” in, the affection between he and Du Xiaoyue, that but make Qianlong envy unceasingly, so how should these 7 women explain again?In fact, film and TV series are not real history, but entertainment programs based on history processing, so ji Xiaolan in film and TV series is not real history.And the ji Xiaolan that Hebei digs out tomb, the 7 women that sit inside place, also opened the true face of Ji Xiaolan, original true Ji Xiaolan can subvert our cognition really.Natural lecherous Ji Xiaolan feudal system, male superiority is the main melody of the society, and men three wives four concubines is common, especially large families, this phenomenon seems to be very common, perhaps this is not lecherous.So, the ji Xiaolan that serves as an official has 3 wife 4 concubine pour also seem to also be in reasonable, but true Ji Xiaolan is true lecherous, and return not general lecherous.Before ji Xiaolan’s tomb was excavated, some records in history also had records about his lascivious nature, but because these records did not get the general recognition of people, they were always labeled as wild history, which led to no belief at all.For example, in the worm Song, ji Xiaolan’s daily life is described like this: Ji Wenda gong said that he was a wild monster turned around, with meat as rice, without grain rice entrance.The number of women in the sun, five drums such as once, once home, once at noon, once at dusk, once in bed, indispensable.In addition to take advantage of the luck, also often have.Although this sentence is classical Chinese, but I think we are not difficult to understand, it is ji Xiaolan’s daily life at home, five times a day, is indispensable, in addition, the sudden events, not to include.Perhaps some people will say that this is when Ji Xiaolan is young, when old, even if there is a heart estimate can not do it, this is natural human nature, but Ji Xiaolan seems to be an exception.”Loud pavilion miscellaneous record” still have this paragraph of record: public (refer to Ji Xiaolan) this year already 80, still lustful not long.It means that Ji Xiaolan at the age of 80, still very lecherous, this move is really incredible.According to the way of keeping alive now, old want to cultivate one’s morality raise a sex, ji Xiaolan so indulge oneself excessively, nature does not accord with preserve one’s health, but unluckily he also belongs to longevity crowd in ancient times, pardonable total someone calls him “strange person”.The Ji Xiaolan ji Xiaolan that cannot leave a woman is the person that has literary talent very much, from childhood when got the address of prodigy, ancients pay attention to learn and excellent criterion official, Ji Xiaolan nature is not exceptional also.In film and TELEVISION Ji Xiaolan is a person that gets Qianlong to take seriously very much, but actually not so return a responsibility at all, Qianlong to Ji Xiaolan do not take seriously at all, return some disgust even.Now in urumqi city people’s Park jianhu southwest side, there is a park built in memory of Ji Xiaolan.Of course there is ji Xiaolan’s memorial park, not ji Xiaolan’s reputation spread there, but Ji Xiaolan really went there, even lived there for a period of time.In the Qing Dynasty, urumqi is a remote place, ji Xiaolan is not voluntary to go to nature, but was banished by Qianlong, and even Qianlong has publicly humiliated Ji Xiaolan: I regard you as excellent in literature, so I get the four library books, but in fact to advocate you reserve, er what nonsense talk about state affairs.I asked you to compile sikuquanshu because you are a little educated. In fact, you are just an advocate. How dare you talk about state affairs?It is said that Ji Xiaolan’s main achievement is the compilation of siku Quanshu, and during this period there is such a thing.Once Qianlong inspects ji Xiaolan to compile the progress of a book, but he discovers ji Xiaolan however expression is dispirit, facial expression is wrong, got serious illness it seems.Qianlong is very worried, think he is because compile sikuquanquan to tired sick, but when Qianlong is about to release care, ji Xiaolan answered, because he is “a few days not close female”, Qianlong that call a gas ah, but due to ji Xiaolan’s talent, or to arrange two maids to him.What make a person astonishing is, after this, the look of Ji Xiaolan becomes very normal really, so that later, when editing a book, there is always a woman beside Ji Xiaolan to accompany.In the official history, ji Xiaolan had three concubines. His wife was Ma Yuefang, and his concubines were Wen Luan, Guo Caifu, and Shen Mingxuan.But in fact, Ji Xiaolan’s concubines should be more than these four, and the most direct and powerful evidence is ji Xiaolan’s tomb of the seven women sitting upright, these people should be Ji Xiaolan’s concubines or maids, or the kind of very low status.Otherwise, if they had been high enough, they would have had their own coffins instead of surrounding ji’s.Therefore, scholars estimate that Ji xiaolan had at least eight concubines, and the number is estimated to be double if the uncredited concubines are included.So, the ji Xiaolan in true history is not the only affection man that loves small month alone at all, however the romantic talent of a natural disposition lustful.What is worth saying is, ji Xiaolan this a few concubines that have name belong to the type of both talent and appearance almost, just do not know they marry Ji Xiaolan is happiness after all or sad.People are three-dimensional and the most difficult to see clearly. Sometimes we take it for granted that there will always be a big difference between reality and reality. Ji Xiaolan is one of them.But the real history is definitely not movies and TV plays. If we regard them as history, we will be laughed at. However, even the things clearly recorded in the official history are not necessarily true.Reference materials: “Ji Xiaolan biography”, “Xiao Ting Miscellaneous record”, “insect song diffuse record” and so on.(Picture network, invasion and deletion)