Changzhutan West loop project construction progress

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Changsha metro No. 3 south along the latest progress!Changsha-zhuzhou-xiangtan intercity rail transit west ring line phase I project is changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan integration in 2021 one of the thirty mark projects.The track laying project is divided into two bidding sections. At present, the overhead section of the first bidding section has been basically completed, and the project department is racing against time to complete the construction task of the second bidding section.Changzhutan West ring line phase I project is in full development station and interval construction.◆ In terms of underground stations, the main structures of Dawangshan station, Tongxi Station, Hongqiao Station and Xiangtan North Station have been capped, and auxiliary works are under construction;◆ The main structure of Chuanxingshan station, Huangjiawan Station, Shuanghu Station and Pingtang Station has been capped, and the construction of auxiliary structure and steel roof is under way.◆ Viaduct section, the main structure of the bridge through, viaduct section rail laying completed;Large pieces of underground interval, tung (tung creek) – king mountain stand right line, xiang ship (xiangtan north station – boat hill station) interval in the launching of shield tunneling construction, including ping red (ping tong station – red bridge station), red tung (advised) – tung creek stand, the mountain (the king hill station – shan station) interval double, tung (tung creek station – king hill station) interval left line was well versed in;Jiuhua vehicle base, with a construction area of 34,700 square meters, is currently working on building decoration, road and rail construction.Chuanxingshan station, Huangjiawan Station, Shuanghu Station, elevated section and Jiuhua vehicle base are accelerating the construction of mechanical and electrical installation.According to the official, the line will be open for trial operation in 2022.It is expected to be operational by 2023.More > | the news of the latest advances in changzhutan west loop line a phase of the construction progress of the 2022-02-09 money all gone, investment not successful?2022-02-09 Yuetang Oriental Mingyuan phase ii housing design exquisite reasonable, moving line smooth warm and comfortable 2022-02-06 livable project million building Xiangxi, worthy of attention, live together to live a yearning life!2022-01-30 New life, livable project in MCC 4th Ya Jing worthy of attention!2022-01-30