‘Bomb Cyclone’ lashes Us with snow

2022-08-07 0 By

Snow plows clear snow at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York On Jan. 29.Xinhua News Agency (Zhou Huan xin) January 29, the United States, a New York residents in the snow.The winter storm brought heavy snow and strong winds to New York City and surrounding areas.Washington, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) — A “bomb cyclone” slammed into the northeast of the United States on Thursday, causing snowstorms and cancellations of thousands of flights.The U.S. National Weather Service announced that weather data and satellite images showed that the Northeast Storm, which hit the northeastern part of the United States, has formed a “bomb cyclone.”A “bomb cyclone” usually refers to an intense and rapidly developing frontal explosive cyclone occurring over the ocean surface at mid-high latitudes, often accompanied by strong winds, rain and snow, with great destructive power.Us media reported that the winter storm covered at least 10 states in the eastern US, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey, many northeastern states have seen strong winds and snow, poor outdoor visibility, many areas of more than 30 cm of snow.Heavy snowfall has wreaked havoc on travel.More than 4,500 flights were canceled that day, according to flight-tracking website Flight-tracking, with flights taking off and landing at airports in Boston, New York and Philadelphia largely canceled.High-speed train service between Boston and Washington, D.C. was suspended for the day.The storm also knocked out power to nearly 120,000 customers in Massachusetts.The White House will continue to monitor the impact of the storm on the eastern United States, a White House spokesman said in a statement Wednesday.Source: Today evening News