Warm heart!The old man lost his way and got on the bus

2022-08-06 0 By

Peninsula all media reporter Liu Yufan correspondent Zhao Yanping February 8, Qingdao City Transport holding bus group Shibei bus fifth branch received a special “Spring Festival gift”, this gift is a pair of written “love to help the old offer true feelings and warm the heart of the elderly” flag.Originally, on The morning of January 30, an old man took 322 bus to go out, careful bus driver Xu Youbao found that the old man swiping card consciousness is not clear.Master Xu immediately felt that there was a problem, they came forward to ask the old man, from the conversation Master Xu found that the old man did not preface after language, can not accurately say where they want to go, even where the home do not know.Master Xu worried that the old man would get lost after getting off the bus, and then decided to pull the old man to 322 road station.At 322 road station, the staff prepared breakfast and fruit for the old man, and seriously inquired about his situation, the staff also found a piece of paper from the old man’s pocket with a mobile phone number, finally contacted the old man’s family.”Without Master Xu, my wife would have been lost!Many thanks to bus company and Master Xu!My wife and I after the year, the first time customized this banner, sent to our bus company, thank the bus company again!””Said the old man’s wife excitedly.