“War epidemic story” Yanji flower jia veteran party members in the front line fighting epidemic show responsibility

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Li Wenhua, who will retire in September this year, is a fourth-level researcher and deputy director of yanji Branch of Yanbian Prefecture Ecological environment Bureau.Since the outbreak of the virus in Yanbian, he rushed to the front line as a volunteer, has been fighting for more than 20 days.Li Wenhua (middle of the front row) fights the epidemic on the front line. According to the unified deployment of the whole city, the bureau set up a volunteer service team for epidemic prevention and control on March 5, and Li Wenhua resolutely joined it.Many people advised Li Wenhua to “stand firm” and “retreat from difficulties”, but he just went headlong, he said: “as a party veteran of more than 30 years, I must take the top at the critical moment, the epidemic does not retreat I will not retreat!The fight against the epidemic will be won!”A Party member is a flag. Li Wenhua gave full play to the exemplary role of party members and led the volunteer service team for epidemic prevention and control of the Ecological Iron Army. She rushed to the front and sank to the Baichuan community in Henan province to assist the community to connect with quarantine control personnel and jointly implement various epidemic prevention and control measures.Li Wenhua, 60, is at the forefront of epidemic prevention and control. “Busy” is the true portrayal of him these days.Arrive at the community card point at 6 am every morning until you can sit for half an hour at lunch and the rest of the time is busy.Regularly enter the house to carry out information tracking registration, carry out corridor elimination, control and quarantine personnel……As for off-hours, it’s all random.”People should do a good job in protecting themselves and managing their health. Only when they are ‘clean’ can they contact you with confidence.”This is his everyday entrust to cadres and workers.Li Wenhua not only to arrange the deployment of work and to take into account the site inspection, day and night fighting in the front line of the epidemic, never regardless of their own suffering from a variety of diseases, while taking medicine while silently working, in front of the charge.Li wenhua (right) at the scene of the nucleic acid detection li wenhua has worked more than 20 days, in the way of resistance to disease, he fully develop the communist party member especially can bear, especially can fight, especially to the spirit of dedication, adhere to the “disease” line, the practice of beginner’s mind, writing to bear with the beginner’s mind and mission to protect our beautiful warm their homes.Yanbian Morning Post Reporter Gao Yanhong Source: Yanbian Morning Post Editor: Li Ying Yanbian Morning Post All rights reserved.