All the snow in Wuhan is here

2022-08-06 0 By

Although blizzard warning has been issued for several days in advance but the snow is coming off guard 28 at 4 am, formal and meet you as early as received forecast the moment someone actually started preparing snowmelt freeze protection work is to let the public to see the happy travel, rest assured for blizzard, sanitation workers in advance prepare, armed to the teeth.Peach blossom Island community to do a good job early thaw frost related work.100 ruijing community ahead of time to raise good related supplies, and remind residents to do a good job of cold work friends.Residential property carefully prepared MATS, to avoid rain and snow wet road.Snow is cold, but it is also warm.Do you have any heartwarming snow day stories you’d like to share?Come to the plate post!Here comes the walkthrough!How does the camera crew post?Let us tell you that we are waiting for you in the “camera team”!Unlock more benefits (Yangtze Daily Big Wuhan client produced text: Shen Xin design: Zou Xiaomin) more exciting content, please download “big Wuhan” client in the major application market.