Yue Yunpeng knelt barefoot to pay New Year’s greetings to Sun Yue!Pajama wears a circle of weight, next to a kid with a wad of money

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Recently, crosstalk performer Sun Yue posted a video of yue Yunpeng, Xiao Si, Cao Heyang and Zhang Jiuling kowtowing to him on his social media, with the caption “I wish no harm”, which immediately sparked discussion online.Yue Yunpeng is barefoot, dressed in casual clothes, chatting with Cao Heyang and Zhang Jiuling.He pointed to Sun Yue and said, “None of us have it. He gave the kids a red envelope, but none of us have it.”Cao Heyang immediately retorted: “No, they are all elders, we three have no.”Yue yunpeng immediately said, “Let’s eat one.”Zhang 9 ling also follow to agree with, “we should call him 1 uncle?”Cao Heyang called out “Uncle”, and the three men knelt down together for Sun Yue.The three men knelt on the ground and shouted at Sun Yue, “Don’t kneel, don’t kneel, kneel down!” Sun Yue knelt on the ground, and Sun Yue also knelt down, but judging from their faces, they seemed to be very happy.This scene, let everyone can not help feeling, deyun society, even if the New Year, is also a very funny thing.It is worth mentioning that Yue Yunpeng even did not have time to wear shoes ran to the ground to “red envelope”.But judging by what they were wearing, it wasn’t too hot, and barefoot walking wasn’t a problem.Have to admire the sincerity of this group of people, finish this sentence, they really kneel to them.Eagle-eyed netizens noticed that as the three children “conspired”, the child next to them was holding a thick wad of banknotes, with a happy face on his face, and seemed to be arguing with those around him, with childlike innocence and joy in his voice.Having a child made the already happy atmosphere even better.Yue Yunpeng and Sun Yue have become famous as the “golden Couple”, and they have appeared many times on spring nights.”Cheap meng” small Yue Yue and Sun Yue’s calm let a person sit up and take notice.In the audience, the relationship between the two is also very good, Yue Yunpeng also said: “Mr. Sun Yue, we can come to this step, because of Mr. Sun Yue’s insistence, we can come to this step.”Yue yunpeng speaks highly of Sun Yue.Cao and Zhu collaborated with each other in The Swordsman, and after their excellent performances in the swordsman won acclaim, they also recorded the Happy Comedian together.Shao bing is famous for exaggerating and selling meng, but Cao Heyang can easily receive the shao bing package in his hands, the cooperation between the two can be described as perfect.Zhang Jiuling is the laughing stock of Wang Jiulong, Guo Degang’s nephew, and is popular among young people because of her good looks and tall stature.The two often “fight like crazy” on stage, so fans call their acting styles “Kung Fu Doubi and Penggen”.In recent years, Zhang Jiuling, Wang Jiulong and other people also through their own efforts, carried out special performances, and obtained very good results.Deyun Society is a big happy family. When everyone gets together, there will always be laughter and laughter, and people will laugh on the stage.I hope deyun Society can make continuous progress and continue to provide you with high-quality programs.