While greenhouses spring ploughing preparation is busy

2022-08-04 0 By

Spring is the key to a year’s plan, and diligence is the key to increase production and income.In recent days, in yingye Er township Qiongairike village greenhouses in Yingjisha County, the villagers are busy ploughing, ridging, mulching, making the final preparations for the next seedling planting.In the Spring Festival flavor is thick, a few days ago, Yingye township in the village organization held greenhouse planting management site meeting, promote the demonstration leading role, boost the township off the greenhouse spring tillage preparation upsurge, for this year’s bumper harvest foundation.It is reported that in order to optimize the planting structure, improve the quality of melons and vegetables, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of vegetable industry, Yingye township has created 680 acres of 1700 vegetable planting greenhouses, focusing on promoting thousands of acres of melons and vegetables efficiency project three-year action plan, all-round boost industrial development and rural revitalization.Contributed by: Li Wenhai Photography: Wen Hai editor: Zhang Qiang proofread: Su Shi original text and text, toutiao exclusive authorization to publish works, if you need to reprint please indicate the source, if you need commercial use please contact the author to obtain authorization.