TBC of Warcraft: BUFF of The Year, plus 10% of all attributes, can be used in group

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The TBC version of World of Warcraft will cater to domestic festivals. When the Spring Festival is approaching, TBC nostalgic clothing will be launched in the Spring Festival activity. Through the task, you will get some clothes with Chinese characteristics.Although the year hunter doesn’t have any good equipment, it does get a very good BUFF, with all stats increased by 10% for 1 hour, and this BUFF is portable, which means you get a 10% BUFF BUFF on T6.Let’s talk about the pre-task of the Spring Festival activity, the player in the main city bank gate to find the Spring Festival messenger to get the task, get the task of the next step is to find the Spring Festival predictor in the main city, after completing the task to get the task of setting off fireworks.Now many places do not let fireworks, fireworks games can be set off, and want to put how much put how much, in reality can not put fireworks on the game to find a fun bar.After the fireworks are set off, the player will receive the Lunar New Year invitation, which allows the player to teleport to the Moonglade.You can see the following picture, standing in the light column using the Spring Festival invitation, you can directly send.There is an NPC named Varadar Xingge in the moonlight Woodland flying point, here to receive the task of killing the Beast, after receiving the task players can go to fight the beast.When the beast to do the task can be opened, players do not have to worry about the team can not do the task, this Xiangzi brother has personally tested, when Xiangzi brother killed the beast is a group of more than ten people together, killing the beast task is normally completed.Nian’s health is not too high, only 1.32 million, nian’s general attack damage is not high, there is only one healer in the regiment at that time, it can easily add MT.In addition, nien has an AOE skill, which is similar to starfall in Tyrande of Warcraft. The range is not large, players can run a few steps to open more, which is about 1300 damage per second.Nian beast is very simple, any group of a dozen people can easily kill it.Don’t be in a hurry to hand in quests after you kill the Year beast, as you will receive a Blessing BUFF from Elune that increases all stats by 10% for 1 hour.As for whether all attributes are strong or not, I believe that xiangzi brother don’t need to say, I understand.Xiangzi tested Elune’s blessing BUFF in person, which means that players can bring elune’s blessing into T6. All stats increased by 10% and damage increased significantly, which goes without saying.So players finish beating the beast task don’t panic to hand in the task, you can choose to play T6 copy before handing in the task, and then with elune’s blessing hit the copy, so no problem to get the first three DPS rewards.Elune’s blessing only has one chance, so we should make good use of this one chance, let Elune’s blessing play its role.In addition, if the player is racing group, then Elune blessing is a very strong BUFF, for racing group should not give up any chance to improve, Elune blessing increased by 10%, all attributes are the blessing of racing.Now the Spring Festival will continue for some time to come, and it is believed that the world’s top racing teams will also make good use of Elune’s blessing to achieve better results.Above is my personal opinion, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.Remember to keep an eye on Brother Xiangzi