Sanming Shaxian District People’s Court held a forum on judicial services to enrich the people’s industry

2022-08-04 0 By

Fujian Rule of law newspaper – Straits Rule of law online January 28, recently, sanming Shaxian District People’s Court organized a “judicial service to ensure the development of Shaxian snacks industry” research symposium.On the forum, Yang Shaoyong, president of Shaxian District Court of Sanming City, reported the work of “one judge in one city” for the owners of snacks in other places “.Participants around the sha county snack brand protection, brand creation, industry development, fu yuan collaboration aspects discussed, and the sha county snack chain group development model, the legal protection of trademark platform promotion, snack item and skill of non-material cultural protection, the registered trademark ownership and use right partition to explore aspects of communication.(Shi Yichun)