Xixiu district shuangbao town: afforestation is right

2022-08-03 0 By

Spring returns to the earth with renewed vientiane.On February 7, Shuangbao town of Xixiu district organized the entire town cadres and workers, village (residential) branch, and forest rangers to hold voluntary tree-planting activities.Everyone took the hoe, I took the shovel, in twos and threes collocation, digging, shoveling, seedling, soil filling……Soon, rows of eucalyptus trees were standing up.After a morning of sweat fighting, hits the trees neatly planted full hillside, in the February sun played green hope, for shuangbao added a vibrant green.It is reported that the tree-planting activity has restored the green of an abandoned sand factory, effectively enhancing the awareness of ecological environmental protection of cadres and staff, and strengthening the management and protection of saplings in the following, to ensure that each tree planted can survive.Source: Shuangbao Town, Xixiu District