There are kite peddlers on the dyke selling spring

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Borrow a breeze to blow the haze, then a bowl of liquor laughing.Give time to life, not life to time.In fact, the beautiful story is no ending, only because it has no ending so it will be beautiful.Wine to wish the east wind, and a total of calm.Be a lovely maiden, untroubled by the world, full of joy.I am a small fat house carefree and comfortable don’t get up during the day don’t sleep at night you are in the day as light as water secretly added a sugar in the world there are very few true people Lao Zi is one of the mermaids oh ah sink to the bottom of the sea to sleep lulu good night everybody think you have one more star appearance my life could be more smoothIf not by this body fat drag fortunately I am a small fat sad can touch the small stomach a kou eat sorrow today I also hard!I will be responsible for my own lovely only I know him on stage wearing a suit Actually wore a pair of socks to bear I wasn’t so hard to marry off But to need not married should be out on such a fine day for fun To photograph a bug Think of me I think you must be cheated Otherwise you are in my heart how is out tonight to save the planetSomething please leave a message if the weight can be 100 to lose 20 would be good to meet you, the heart of the old deer smoking a cigarette said to me, you can hit a try to wait for the sun to go down to elope, ok and the stars and the moon together little lovely, pay attention to the 10th copywriting museum, add copywriting group oh,Here there are a lot of various copywriting and little brother miss sisters and so on you ~ graphic collection are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact xiaobian to delete prohibit the full text and text intact to carry and reprint