Guiyang traffic police tips: return peak is coming!These roads are prone to congestion

2022-08-03 0 By

On February 5th, the reporter learns from guiyang city public security traffic administration department, as the lunar New Year holiday is coming to an end, reference for almost two years during the Spring Festival the traffic situation in guiyang city, combined with factors such as the epidemic prevention and control policy this year, this year the lunar New Year holiday end the returning will appear in the first wave of people, the Spring Festival holiday out of the province after the second wave of the summit is expected to appear in the Lantern Festival.According to the forecast of the travel situation at the same time in previous years, after the End of the Spring Festival holiday, the flow of rework and migrant workers from other provinces will gradually increase from the 10th day of the first lunar month, and reach the peak after the 15th day of the first lunar month until the end of the Spring Festival travel rush.During the rework period of this year, G60 Shanghai-Kunming expressway, G76 Xiaongrongexpressway, G69 Yinbai Expressway, G6001 expressway and G75 Lanzhou Expressway are expected to have relatively concentrated traffic flow during the rework period of this year. Under the influence of concentrated rework after the holiday, some sections of the above highways are expected to show a period of slow traffic.For example, G6001 round the city expressway Baiyun Toll Station to Guiyang West Toll Station is expected to have a short-term concentration of traffic flow from 11 to 17 o ‘clock every day.Secondly, ski resorts, hot springs and other winter travel destinations are prone to short-time traffic concentration.Holiday came back, the spa heat and ice and snow sports continue higher, over the weekend and weekday evening go to suburb of northwest high genting ski resorts, wu when, map of xifeng, mizar course of hot springs, such as the surrounding traffic has also been some impact, suggest the citizens of leisure friend stagger the rush, to avoid the car line, look for parking, etc.Guiyang Daily rong media reporter Chen Jiayi