Guangzong County carried out a joint inspection of anti-pornography and anti-illegal publications and epidemic prevention and control before the festival

2022-08-03 0 By

As the Spring Festival is approaching, Guangzong Education, Culture, Radio, Film, Sports and tourism bureau, together with members of the leading group of the county’s “Anti-pornography and Anti-Illegal activities”, carried out centralized inspection and rectification of cultural business sites in the county before the Spring Festival.Inspection group successively into bookstores and stationery shops around campus within their respective jurisdictions, cinemas and other places, through access to information, field ask, focusing on epidemic prevention and control of normalized in various places, business license, purchase parameter and whether to sell, vulgar, religion, violence and other children’s books, etc., has carried on the detailed inspection, supervise and urge business owner to further strengthen the responsibility,Strengthen the awareness of “combating pornography and illegal publications”, strictly prohibit the sale of illegal publications, strictly control the customs of entry, and ensure the standardized and orderly operation of the publication market.In the inspection, law enforcement officers to the business merchants publicity publications market management regulations and relevant laws and regulations, requiring the place responsible person to operate legally, prohibited the sale of prohibited propaganda.Through inspection, it was found that the epidemic prevention and control measures of the two bookstores were not implemented in place, there were irregular books, and epidemic prevention materials were not complete.1 bookstore store piled up sundry, there are security risks, for the above inspection found in the problem, my bureau law enforcement officers ordered the relevant business units responsible for immediate rectification.The inspection action effectively promoted the law-abiding operation of the business owners, promoted the operators’ law-abiding and honest management awareness, urged them to actively participate in the “anti-pornography and illegal” action, refuse piracy, do not sell “toxic and harmful” publications, maintain the good order of the publication market.Source: Education, Culture, Radio, Film, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Guangzong County