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I am zhou Zhaoming familiar with [oracle bone script], [Daodejing], [YI Jing], the Chinese nation’s traditional medical classics [Huangdi neijing] also have a special study.The Chinese nation’s traditional culture is deep and profound, says our Chinese national culture is a little too much, the world’s highest literature in any other country, nation, not the ancient cultural roots of the Chinese nation, they want to occupy our ancient culture of the Chinese nation in the highlands, can never, because the ancient and spiritual culture of the Chinese nation in our body,How can we get our ancient cultural heritage of the Chinese nation?The only door: perception!So called: Enlightenment!Dao: broad, profound, kind, with a sense of mission.The biggest Taoism of the Chinese nation is: the oracle bone script, followed by the YI Jing of the Yin and Yang of the Infinite, followed by the Daodejing of the infinite, followed by the Huangdi Inner Canon of medicine.Zhou Zhaoming lacks the data of the Tao of oracle bone inscriptions. With the data, Zhou Zhaoming can understand all of them.The Yin and Yang of the eight diagrams of the BOOK of Changes and the way of feng shui can be understood by Zhou Zhaoming as long as he wants to.Moral by any way, but also need the original support, the main is my fear of wrong information, but Zhou Zhaoming want to still be [Canon of the yellow emperor], through reading and understanding, some time ago Zhou Zhaoming believe that as long as there is more ancient original [Canon of the yellow emperor], I Zhou Zhaoming to enlightenment [Canon of the yellow emperor] be, just around the corner.So Zhou Zhaoming geared to the needs of all Chinese people say, I need [oracle], [by], [I ching], [Canon of the yellow emperor] four kinds of culture of the original data, if any man have, also be willing to cooperate with Zhou Zhaoming cultural heritage of the Chinese nation’s oldest philosophy and the culture of our ancestors had recognized and carry on, don’t take the eli, and to value their historical mission,Making money is just a natural thing, but also know how to benefit people.Zhou Zhaoming is willing to devote 100% of his experience to our cultural industry. Within two years at most, I can restore the four oldest cultures of the Chinese nation to their original appearance.Interested parties, can first look at my hundred articles, this is my experience of enlightenment, perhaps you will understand, zhou Zhaoming in the end experienced what?You will know that Zhou zhaoming has the ability to do what I said.This is my principle of life and work. Please don’t bother me if you don’t have this kind of consciousness.