Nanjing Drum Tower city management took multiple measures to strengthen the “three chaos” control

2022-08-02 0 By

Yangtze Evening News network on March 31 (correspondent Yang Meng Zhang Xi reporter Zhang Ke) Gulou District is one of the old city of Nanjing, permanent population, personnel mobility, part of the real estate agents, educational institutions, human headhunting and lawless elements smell business opportunities,The “small advertisements” are put up, painted, scrawled and hung on railway culverts, street floors, building walls and trees along the street, resulting in pollution on the perspective and wasting a lot of public resources in cleaning up.What’s more, there are advertisements with illegal contents such as “withdrawal of provident fund”, “recovery of driver’s license points”, “cashing of medical insurance card” and “pornographic services”, which seriously disrupt the rule of law and social order.In order to minimize the influence of “three chaos” and create a clean and clean city image on the social level, Gulou City Management Brigade carries out centralized rectification in the field of “three chaos” control with the action principle of “district and street linkage and multiple measures simultaneously”, and strives to improve the city appearance significantly and achieve outstanding fine management effect.District street linkage bar block interaction.Brigade to directly under the comprehensive law enforcement squadron as the “chaos” rectification office, contact the bureau of sanitation and 14 streets (management committee) squadron, responsible for collecting and confirming the “chaos” information, and report to the city urban management corps to stop the telephone number.Each street (management committee) squadron in each district of the main and secondary roads, bus stops, window areas at different times of the day to carry out uninterrupted inspection, to the city “three chaos” found, cleaned up a place, a punishment, perseverance to promote the “three chaos” governance work.Since 2022, the brigade has reported the suspension of more than 10 numbers of sanchaos, investigated and handled 55 cases of sanchaos, and fined a total of more than 6,000 yuan, further cracking down on the arrogance of sanchaos posters.Try not to post commitment system.Since this year, the brigade in the comprehensive law enforcement squadron trial “three chaos” parties do not post commitment system, in the case handling requires the parties to fully understand the mistake, promise not to engage in “three chaos” post, otherwise accept heavy punishment from the urban management department.Education in punishment, administrative law enforcement with the guarantee as the auxiliary means, law enforcement officers through facts, reason, look at the after-effects, from the perspective of psychological intervention, innovation of “three chaos” type of law enforcement mode.Up to now, the comprehensive law enforcement squadron has carried out 3 letters of commitment, and no traces of the pledges have been found in the area.We will strengthen positive guidance for the industry.In the practice of law enforcement for a long time, the advertising of housing intermediary and lock opening and lock repairing are frequent visitors to the urban chaos.In view of such key industries, the brigade plans to find out the number of practitioners, the “take good care of the public environment consciously resist three chaos” letter issued to every real estate intermediary, and contact the lock industry, intermediary industry association held “three chaos” symposium, strictly, carefully, from the propaganda law enforcement pass forward.Proofreading faye wong