Fun two-player game the Little Guy Saves the World: Transform to reverse a corrupt world

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The Little Guys Save the World isn’t meant to be played by a single player. It’s more meant to be played by two people, and whether it’s “hard” with a buddy or “sweet double” with the opposite sex, you’ll have an unparalleled online experience.The Little Guys Save the World is a dungeon action adventure game that transforms into its main gameplay.In the game you will gain the magic wand to give you the ability to transform.When you are in prison, you can turn into a mouse and move freely in a small hole.When you need to cross the river, you can change into a turtle or a mermaid and swim in the river.When you need to cross the canyon, you can transform into a ghost or a dragon and soar through the sky.In the beginning of the game you don’t have so many morphing forms, everything has to be accumulated.IGN gave The Little Guys Save the World a rating of 7, saying that “the game itself offers plenty of variety and fun side quests.The perfect customization system encourages players to experiment with different skill combinations, while clever dungeon design drives players to use whatever abilities they have at their disposal.”The game’s high points are hampered by a boring early and slow end, but overall it’s worth playing as a unique and humorous action RPG.”I personally agree with IGN’s comment that it’s a 7 out of 10 game for a single player.In the early stages of a game, as I mentioned in the title, the only two drivers for the player are the graphics and the music.Because in Little People Save the World, you only have the mouse as a change option at the beginning of the game, and in the early stage of the game, the attack mode of the mouse is extremely monotonous, you can only bite with your teeth and do only one damage.The player can only rely on passive skills when using the mouse: poisoning while dealing damage, killing enemies.Fortunately, this “limited” period is not very long, it usually takes between 15 minutes and half an hour to unlock the next character guard.The specific unlock time is affected by the time the player completes the quest.The guard character is much simpler and more direct than the mouse, and the attack can do a lot of damage, far better than the mouse.Unfortunately, the player can only use these two characters to attack for a long time, and in the early part of the game, the two characters don’t have enough skills to match, and the player quickly gets bored.Perhaps with this in mind, the Little People Save the World takes a lot of work with graphics and music. Compared to DrinkBox Studios’ last title, Mexican Mayhem, the Little People Save the World is more elaborate in its graphics, with castles and monsters all fantastical.The game music is quite dynamic, with each area having a different style of music.Although you can only hear one piece of music in the early stages, the good graphics and BGM can make up for the boredom in the early stages.For single players only, the real fun of The Little Guy Saves the World is in playing it in pairs, provided you find a friend who is really interested in the game.In the course of two players playing, the communication between players can make up for the boring early game.The game is also significantly faster and less difficult when played in pairs than when played alone.For example, for death, a two-player will come back to life a few seconds later if both players are not dead at the same time;For completing tasks, it can also be completed quickly with the participation of two players, shortening the accumulation time of players in the early stage of the game.Shape-shifting Driven core gameplay Players will find variations in the shape-shifting system in The Little People Save the World as they move through the early stages.The transformation system is an arbitrary change with almost no cooldown, and players can change their characters and their skills at any time during combat.By the middle of the game, there are usually more than ten characters unlocked, such as magicians, robots, necromancers and slugs, which I personally like to use.The reader may be wondering, why do you unlock so many characters?And why do you need to match skills?Can’t you beat the game with a character skill?Which brings us to the game mechanics that The Little People Save the World built into the transformation system.It’s true that you can use a character all the time in the beginning, but 3-4 hours into the game there’s a shield mechanic where you have to use the corresponding attribute attacks to break the shield, and then you can use any attribute attacks to hurt the enemy.This results in the player having to break the shield early on by switching characters, which unlocks a series of characters along the way.The way each character attacks in Little People Saves the World varies greatly depending on the race of the character.For example, horses attack with their hind legs, rats attack with their teeth, and ghosts attack with auras.Thus, characters such as horses are bound to be difficult to use, but at some point players need their stats to break shields.Based on this need, Little People Saves the World designed a customizable skill system.Players can freely match the non-locking skills of various characters. For example, the rat bite is installed on the guards, so that the guards who do not have the dark attribute attack can get the dark attribute attack.The arrow skill of the ranger can also be installed to the horse that does not have the sharp attribute, so that the horse can realize the two-way attack before and after having the sharp attribute.Thus, in the middle of the game, players tend to find the form and skills that suit them.To further encourage players to unlock characters, different dungeon monsters have shields with different attributes.All you need to do is unlock various character forms if you want to play unbridled in the dungeons.Unlocking character forms in the game is fun, and it doesn’t happen gradually over the course of the game, but rather requires the player to gain experience by completing certain missions.The final dragon form, for example, requires two C-level characters and one S-level character to unlock, and those characters’ levels come from the special characters released by the system.The most common task is to use a skill to kill an enemy.These tasks are not difficult, but they do require the player to complete them and are a unique kind of fun.Mid-game will be especially fun for single players, in some ways more so than double players.This is because in two-player play, once one player enters the skill definition screen or mission completion screen, the other player also enters the corresponding screen, and this player can only watch the previous player do various actions.This non-indie design not only slows down the pace of combat, but also increases the boredom of two-player play.However, the characters will be unlocked faster when played in pairs.Overall, the transformation system and mechanics in Little People Save the World are pretty good, and you can enjoy little People Save the World whether you are a single player or an online player.Little People Save the World is a bit less fun late in the game, when the player has almost fully unlocked all characters and the motivation to complete character level missions is reduced.However, thanks to the excellent dungeon feature set of “The Little People Save the World”, there is still a good fun in the late combat.For example, one dungeon feature is: All damage *9999, which means that any attack will cause a SEC kill.For dungeons with this feature, the player can carry a passive, the player can only take a maximum of one-third of their health damage.By properly switching between passive skills, the player’s error tolerance can be greatly improved.As a result, the whole game is more about re-matching character skills for different dungeon characteristics later in the game.There are also interesting side characters to challenge.Examples include saving Lara Croft, ranger challenges, and running with a wizard.While it’s fair to say that The Little Guys Save the World is not as fun to play in the latter part of the game as in the middle, it’s still fun to play.Once the player has completed a week’s worth of quests, the second week’s worth of quests will continue, but the difficulty and character of the dungeon will change.The monsters are still the same model, but the dungeon changes will give the player a completely different experience from the week.In conclusion, I would personally give Little People Save the World an 8.5/10 rating, about a point and a half higher than IGN.Because the game early although weak, but the game always want to talk.In the early days, it was only about a tenth of a dozen hours of gameplay.And the game’s excellent picture and BGM can make up for this early deficiency.So the overall rating will be higher.Overall, The Little Guys Save the World is a great action-adventure game.Not only does it have the perfect look: fine graphics and a well-crafted BGM, but it also has the core of the game: rich and varied character design and a highly free custom skill system.While the fun drops once all the character content is unlocked, the design of the dungeon features and the new experience of the two weeks make The Little Guys Save the World a great standalone/online game.