“Essays of Beijing and Zhang” Surging Chinese youth power of the Winter Olympics

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Workers daily client reporter Liu Bing blink of an eye, Beijing Winter Olympics has been half the schedule.As a saying goes, “The hero of ancient times comes from the young.”This sentence is particularly evident in the Chinese athletes of this Winter Olympics.In the various venues of the Winter Olympics, their fearless, self-challenging courage is impressive.It snowed heavily in Zhangjiakou today, but the crowd of spectators and journalists gathered to watch Gu Ailing’s women’s freestyle ski slopestyle competition did not drop.Unfortunately, due to bad weather, the event was postponed and everyone had to leave.Snow at the competition site in Zhangjiakou.A few days ago, gu Ailing, 18, won the gold medal in the shougang Big jump women’s freestyle ski platform, the last jump challenge has never been successful before ultra difficult movement.In her mind, “I didn’t come here with the mentality to beat other players. I just wanted to challenge myself.”GuAiLing.Gao Tingyu, 24, broke the Olympic record of 34.32 seconds and won the gold medal in the men’s 500m speed skating race on Sunday.The Chinese men’s speed skating team waited decades for this precious gold medal.Last year, Gao Tingyu once appeared injury situation, in the elite, will be popular in the 500-meter speed skating event, the pressure to win the championship suddenly increased.But Gao kept his faith and worked hard to “change the color” of his bronze medal at the Pyeongchang Olympics, and finally got what he wanted.Gao Tingyu celebrates after the match.In addition to gu Ailing and Gao Tingyu, who stood on the podium, there are some young athletes, although failed to win a medal, but still keep breaking through, writing a new history of The Chinese team in the Winter Olympics.Nordic combined is considered to be one of the most difficult snow events because of its strict requirements on athletes’ explosive power and endurance.On February 9, zhao Jiawen, 21, skated across the finish line in chongli snowfield, dragging his frozen body and swinging his poles vigorously.Although zhao ranked only 43rd in the final, zhao’s skis completed the “debut” of China’s Nordic combined winter Olympics, which is destined to be engraved in the history of China’s ice and snow sports.”Practice hard. Practice more. Practice more than anyone else.Skeleton snowmobile is a dangerous extreme sport.China first formed a national team for the program in 2015.Zhao Dan, 19, is the youngest member of the Chinese skeleton snow team.She and teammate Li Yuxi competed for China in this Winter Olympics. It was the first time for Chinese women to compete in the Winter Olympics.Zhao Dan finished ninth, making history and receiving waves of applause from the audience.Cheers and applause, regrets and tears, young athletes taste the taste of life in the Olympic stadium.Whether they succeed or fail, their struggle never stops.Many of the traditional ice sports teams competing in Beijing are veterans of several Winter Olympics.By comparison, China’s winter Olympics squad is very young.Of the 176 athletes on the Chinese delegation, 131 are first-time Olympic athletes, including many born in the 2000s.As of press time, China ranked seventh in the medal table with 4 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze.China is poised to win a record number of Winter Olympics MEDALS at its home Games.Even in events where many did not win MEDALS, the rookies produced China’s best performance at the Winter Olympics.Countless young figures struggling forward, like shining stars, rising in the field, sparkling.As many viewers have said, “We see a Confident, strong and hopeful China from them.”As a Chinese saying goes, “When young people are strong, China is strong.”Chinese ice and snow rookies fully unleashed their passionate youth on the stage of the Winter Olympic Games, showing the energetic spirit of young people in the new era and writing a new chapter in the history of China’s ice and snow development.The “youth storm” of the Winter Olympics will inspire more Chinese young people to strive and challenge themselves in their youth with unlimited possibilities.(Our newspaper Zhangjiakou February 13)