Dalian Zhuanghe agricultural green development has become a national model

2022-08-02 0 By

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China Well-off Network recently announced 51 typical cases of national agricultural green development, “Zhuanghe city to do a good job in the ‘three’ word article, focus on building a new pattern of agricultural green development” successfully selected.In recent years, Dalian Zhuanghe city has carried out the “one control, two reduction, three basic”, adhere to the “three modernization” of agricultural standardization, industrialization and branding, and “three empowerment” of “science and technology, finance and digital”, and achieved solid results in the green development of agriculture.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the utilization coefficient of irrigation water in Zhuanghe city increased by 14.3%, the amount of fertilizer (discounted) decreased by 1413 tons, and the amount of pesticide decreased by 593 tons.The comprehensive utilization rate of agricultural film reached 93%, and it was identified as the first “National Agricultural non-point source pollution control and Supervision and Guidance pilot County”.The comprehensive utilization rate of straw was over 95%, and it was selected into the “national key counties pilot program of comprehensive utilization of straw”.The green development has greatly improved the comprehensive competitiveness of agriculture and productivity of Zhuanghe city: there are 60 standardized agricultural production bases, and the standardized livestock and poultry breeding rate reaches 76%.With “two products and one standard” 37, Zhuang he blueberry, strawberry selected agricultural products public brand directory;Guangming Mountain town has been selected as the “Town with 1 billion Yuan of National Rural Characteristic Industries” for two consecutive years.In addition, The Dalian Branch of Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences settled in Zhuanghe and established a strawberry and blueberry seedling breeding center, with the coverage rate of new varieties reaching 100%.”Poverty Alleviation Loan” was awarded as “National Excellent Targeted Poverty Alleviation Product of Rural Finance”;E-commerce services to achieve full coverage of village, awarded “National e-commerce incentive County”.