Appropriate show area big longshan town forestry industry promotes rural vitalization

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Anqing news Dalongshan Town of Yixiu District adheres to the deep integration of industrial entity construction and forestry resource protection, which not only drives local economic development, but also improves the level of ecological civilization construction, and breaks a new road for the implementation of rural revitalization strategy.Combine industrial development with resource protection to upgrade green grade.In combination with the implementation of the rural vitalization strategy, the development of industry and forestry resource protection has produced numerous highlights.For example, yongan community 400 acres of characteristic citrus industrial park, Baihua community more than 200 acres of nata Oak plant garden, xinxin community use barren mountain development set picking, leisure tourism in one of the help industrial park, Taoyuan community continued to consolidate the “castle peak whitening” governance effect, relying on the old residential villages along the mountain to create taoyuan cultural village.Town of 8 forestry enterprises, a total of 3657 acres of circulation, longwangda garden, moment forestry, taoyuan nursery and other three thousand acres of nursery base, annual output value of more than 6 million yuan, Longqiushui ecological park 100 acres of grapes, 100 acres of blue plum has produced benefits, Longqiushi 3A scenic area construction at the beginning of the scale, actively introduce social capital to create “4A” scenic area.Project construction and forestry economic synergistic combination to enhance the effect of living green.The coordinated project supporting construction of Dalongshan Town is inclined to resource protection and large-scale industries, injecting new driving force into industrial development, actively striving for special funds for forestry industry from national and provincial finance, and supporting the growth of forestry industry in the development of all-for-one tourism.At the same time, we have promoted tourism through forests and poverty alleviation through tourism, and accelerated the development of “one town, one park”. At present, demonstration parks for rural revitalization and new industrial parks for new assistance have begun to take shape.The town has developed 8 large afforestation households, introduced 2 foreign investment, obtained one provincial forestry science and technology innovation research project, one forestry science and technology promotion project financed by the central government.Through the reform of the rural property rights system and the reform of the forest rights system, we will encourage rural households to buy shares in their business operations, and vigorously develop poverty alleviation industries based on the four-belt, one-belt and one-self development model, so as to help poor households start businesses, find jobs, and increase their incomes and performance.Eight forestry enterprises in the town solved the employment problem of 109 households out of poverty. At the same time, combined with the development of public welfare posts in the forest chief system, the town employed 20 people out of poverty as ecological forest rangers. The improvement of living green effect led to the income of nearly one thousand households.Appropriate show area big longshan town, based on the original landscape ecological protection, develop the forest management, forest undergrowth tourism, industry, such as economy, green seedlings, eliminate forest fire hidden danger in the forestry resources protection, development and utilization in ecological protection and strengthen the ecological balance in green development, make green background rural rejuvenation.(Si Luping He Xiaowei Wang Dong) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: