What is a smart fight?A message to save after a fight

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On September 15, 2021, a couple quarreled in Baoding, Hebei province. The man stabbed the woman and threw the child from the 29th floor. The child died after treatment.In fact, it is normal for men and women to quarrel with each other. It is a necessary process during the period of compatibility, but if you do something that makes people unforgivable, I am sorry that no one can help you. Although the occurrence of the quarrel is difficult to control, but the degree of the quarrel is still controllable.What is a smart fight?1. Don’t say we don’t want to keep in touch.2. Don’t say we broke up/divorced easily.3. Don’t be aggressive.4. Don’t get personal.5. Don’t block contact information.6. Don’t go missing.7. Don’t touch.No touch seven basic principles, the seriousness of the row will not very high, this time to recover, the success rate is very high, if not control his bad behavior, that it doesn’t matter, as long as degree is in reasonable range, we can still try to make it, but the premise is that we must correct our mistakes.So, what can we say after a fight to avoid a relationship becoming stale?Recovery is not random disturb, ceaseless telephone information bombing, which will not let the object to you change your mind, and even let the object to you more antipathy, thankless, so we have to learn to rationalize their own behavior after the conflict.To rationalize their behavior that is part of admitting mistakes at the same time let the object to understand why you do this, and recognise objects, reduce the contradiction between your points, for example, ‘I know you have been very good to me firmly (object recognition), so I always not to leave for the bottom line, in such a long time (part of the responsibility to time),The worst thing I could have done was say something that didn’t hold the line…’But note that rationalization is not blindly apologizing for mistakes, nor shirking responsibility, but not a continuous explanation of information, we need to know what the object wants, otherwise it is useless, or even counterproductive.In fact, the best way to solve conflicts is to avoid the occurrence of conflicts, arguments are not unavoidable, emotional master Connor said, ‘let the conflict gradually reduce, you can use the method of freezing, to freeze all the relationship.Why is that?Because people have a rationalization mechanism, and we rationalize everything.When he does, you feel like he needs you and wants to be with you.But when he doesn’t contact you for a while, you wonder, am I doing something wrong?Did I disappoint him in some way?Is there something I did to irritate him?It’s something we can’t avoid because we’re all flesh and blood.So, if you do it the right way, you can be the envy of the world.