Rich family abuse wife: she is full of blood “Chu Xiuyan, is not only I die, you will let me go?”

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She was covered in blood. “Chu Xiuyan, will you let me go if I die?”Introduction to The novel: “Miss Ye, A Chen and I have known each other since we were three years old.Originally, this is the reason when Jin Chen married her, he married her, just because she looks like Hanya, he immersed in Hanya become vegetative sadness cannot extricate themselves, she as a standin, married her.Therefore, he is good to her, in fact, all to Hanya.What’s interesting: She came out of the study and stood in the door of the nursery, which was closed. She listened close to her ear until she heard a splash. She turned the handle and rushed in.In the crib, Yu was sleeping soundly, while the baby nurse was washing her hands in the attached toilet.Han Ya is taking advantage of this time, quickly put small yu from the crib up, and then rushed out of the baby room.Xiao Yu was sleeping soundly and did not react at that time.Also do not know that he was picked up, and to be nursed infant division found the crib empty, chase out of the room, only to see han Ya disappeared in the second floor of the stairway figure.”Oh my God, where is Yu? Who took Yu away?!”Baby teacher screaming while chasing up, and the first floor, several maids saw Han Ya holding small yu down, are also leng Leng just began to come forward, said, “Miss Han, you quickly put down the little master!””Stay back!Hanya puts the box cutter against Xiaoyu’s neck.He said, “One of you come here, and I will kill this bastard right now!””Miss Han, you quickly put the knife down, you have divorced your husband, we will call the police.””Ha ha, you report it. See if the brat dies first, or I do.”Han Ya grinned and retreated.”Woo-hoo…”Hubbub, finally small yu woke up, and he saw han Ya this often stick his needle woman, immediately burst into tears.”Cry fart cry!”Han Ya li drink 1, with holding the hand of the box cutter, heavy toward small yu’s head hit together.”Give you a lifetime of flowers” novel introduction: she was covered with blood “Chu Xiuyan, is not only my death, you will let me go?”Chu Xiuyan, what do you want? You are already married!Why don’t you leave me alone?!””Ye Xiaoran, even if I get married, you must be my lover until I make love to you!”This time, the girl squatted in front of a flower, took out a drawing board to draw those flowers.Is the girl standing in front of a bundle of dandelions, the dandelion seeds, blowing in the air, countless dandelions around the girl, dense, the stars, but because chu Xiuyan painted the mung bean sprouts, is that kind of disharmony between tears and smiles.But, look, look.Xie Xiaoran inexplicable feel however, how are these pictures some familiar?She turned to the first one again and remembered.Why does the balcony where the girl was drawing look a bit like the b&B she used to stay in on school trips?Both sides of that balcony placed flowerpot, Chu Xiuyan painted those flowerpots down, although the picture is some ugly, but those flowerpots open are sunflower, he painted five petals, very image.The scenes of walking in the woods, and blowing dandelion flowers, she had done in the b&B.Above all, she noticed that underneath the pictures, there was a date…XX in summer.That was about four years ago.Her b&B trip was four years ago.How did it happen?Ye was surprised.She even thought that the girl in chu Xiuyan’s painting was not her.But how? She doesn’t remember seeing him at the b&B.But if not, who is she?Who was she sitting in the same bed and breakfast?Ye Xiaoran scowled and scoffed at herself. Why should she care? Chu Xiuyan was so disgusting.”Pet wife just boundless” novel brief introduction: “kneel in this one night.”Their wedding night.There was thunder and lightning.Lin Xinyue is kneeling in front of a huge wedding photo.The man in the photo is her husband, but the woman in the photo is not her, but Sue 妡.Lin Xinyue raised her pale face.”Yan of, I did not harm su 妡 son.”Oh, who is that?Wonderful content: Lin Xinyue then asked suspiciously, “What do you want me to sculpt?And how does it fit into your painting?”After all, sculpture is sculpture and painting is painting, which are entirely two fields.Gu Jie smiled, “Art is interlinked. At the end of my life, I will have an abstract painting covering the wall. You can carve jade, and I think you can also carve wood.Gu Jie ran said a lot.The more Lin Xinyue listened, the more amazed she was. Finally, her eyes glowed with excitement.She thought Gu Jie’s idea was good, shocking and shocking…On the other side.Xia Zhishan took The cloud feifei shopping.Yun Feifei picked several sets of jade bracelet necklace to Xia Zhishan, brush or Gu Yan’s card.Xia Zhishan smiled from ear to ear, while happily than his wrist bracelet appreciation, while asking, “Feifei ah, Yan of so dote on you, that he did not say when to marry you?”Yun Feifei looks slightly stiff.Took the clerk handed back the bank card, into the bag, and then took Xia Zhishan out of the silver floor, just way: “Mrs. Summer, I think gu always just put me as your daughter’s stand-in, he is very good to me, but he to me, there seems to be no love of men and women.”Xia Zhishan smell speech first leng leng, half ring just way, “you mean to say, yan has not touched you now?”The cloud Fifi shyly blush ground nod, “well, gu zong even all had not led my hand, I think, gu zong certainly is in the heart return deep love 妡 son.The above is the novel to share with you today, if you like it, you can click the bookmark to watch it for free, there are wonderful content waiting for you later, we will see you next time.