Parents sell house more than 5 million, the daughter should not smash the furniture: not to me, I will not be reconciled

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People often say, cherish will have, Thanksgiving can last forever.In real life, we should be grateful for the kindness of our parents and the help of our friends.Only those who know grace can be happy, for happiness comes from contentment with life, and gratitude comes from the perception of happiness.If a family does not know how to be grateful, do not want to work, no economic income, and often covet the heart of their parents’ property children, it is absolutely parents lingering trouble and sad.A ling is from Fuzhou, Fujian province. She has only two siblings. Although her parents are old, they are in good health and they live in harmony with each other.Facing the camera, she threatened: “There sold more than 5 million yuan, I have no point, I will not be willing to let me go for nothing.”It turned out that A Ling’s family had a house in Pingtung that was going to be sold. At that time, her parents agreed to divide the money for the two siblings. The younger brother would take half of the money from the house sale and buy a house with the other half.Heard that the house sold more than 5 million, this let in the field of Ling heard after is very happy, the new house also bought to move in to live, the mother called her to send back the ID card also moved over, she asked the mother at that time, the house how do you decide?Mother said, anyway, when you come back to talk, what do not say to her.When she came home and asked her mother about the house, her mother said, “What is it to you here?”This made her very angry, Ah Ling said, since you agreed that the two sisters and younger brother would be divided, why not honor the original promise, but the mother denied, angry Ah Ling smashed the furniture in the house, scared the elderly parents had no place to live and angrily left home.See their parents don’t give money not only, also leave home who ignores oneself, let Hong Kong hate flat gas, helpless ah ling want to belong to own things, just want to help mediate family conflicts, because now the house is to write the names of the two old people, she hope that parents can come out to clarify the matter, if she doesn’t have a point that is impossible, only the beginning.Heard ling’s firm tone, people are very puzzled, they say that the daughter is the parents of the small cotton-padded jacket, from childhood to childhood is the most considerate and concerned about their parents, but also the eldest sister in the family, is the model of the younger brother, the pride of parents, how can because of the house and parents of a big fight?As we all know, there are two kinds of people in the world: takers and givers.Taking and giving are actually two attitudes towards life.Is the attitude of active life and passive life, is the attitude of dare to face life.Just like parents and children, parents raise us young, we foster parents old, this is our fine tradition, when we can not be economically independent, parents have been giving and giving without complaint, when we grow up, we should return the kindness of parents rather than forcibly take.Auntie Cao, a ling’s mother, with gray hair, shook her head and sighed when her daughter came back to ask for the house. The old man said, “It is absolutely impossible for our house to be transferred to her now.”The old woman has clear thinking and is not unreasonable at all. Ah Ling said before that the house will be owned by her parents after one hundred years, so why do she have to let her parents transfer the house to her now?Originally, in the mother’s eyes, Ling is a gnawing and cheating them.Speaking of auntie Cao’s cheating, she was helpless. When they just moved to the new house, Auntie Cao made a noise with her, saying that she would go to Dalian to see her teeth and asked her to take ten thousand yuan.Then coax her to say that the mother is old, she can help them pay their utilities on her mobile phone, Aunt Cao believed that her daughter gave her 1000 dollars, has not paid more than a month, the property called them overdue, which let Aunt Cao suddenly realized that “finished, and to her cheated.”After all, the daughter is his pregnancy, to this daughter let Cao aunt love and gas, on the one hand she tried to satisfy the daughter, but the daughter’s irresponsibility let her very nerve-racking.Once, Ah Ling said to the mother to account this, she is going to deal with social security, mother a very happy to listen to the account this to her, as a result, Ah Ling took the account this to borrow usury.At that time, the old couple lived together with their grandson, daughter-in-law and son. Ah Ling took out a loan for this house, but when the time came, she could not pay back the family, so the keyhole of his brother’s house was also blocked.In order to save A Ling, the money Cao aunt gave her daughter also.As a result, she thought that her daughter should change and turn back, but still so far.She was too scared to hand over the house to her daughter.This is really should be a word: “difficult to repay the debt of the world’s children, poor parents heart”.In our impression, there are unworthy son is the parents most sad sad people, did not expect cao aunt this is her small cotton-padded jacket to pour a cold heart.People say that money is not guilty, borrowing is not wrong, the key is whether borrowers have the ability to loan as a ten capital!If the expiration is not on, the heavy really will break the bank, home rather.The daughter doesn’t work for ten years, but she hates her mother. Why?Originally, Ah Ling has no job now, let alone economic income, and she has not earned money for nearly ten years, has been hand out when the neet family.Her mother told her to go to work, but she refused. In desperation, she said, they paid her to take care of the two elderly people, and at last she would have the house.But Ah Ling cried and said, “According to mother’s words, she would never agree, and the hatred in her heart would never be calmed down.Since you can’t give me the house, give me some money.”The mother said that her daughter must give her money now, she estimated that her daughter now owed money again.But Ah Ling says she needs money now and thinks there are not enough suitable positions for her age to find a job, so she might as well go out and start her own business.Ah Ling’s words were rejected by her mother.As we all know, if you want to start a business, you need to have capital and learn to bear hardships to fight. But Ah Ling has not worked for more than ten years, no contacts and resources, and still owes money everywhere. Who will believe her?So mother is doing the right thing.As an adult, to oneself done also should undertake the corresponding consequences, says outsider, a distance, right now, business itself is not good, and safety and social experience, if you really want to take the money out to let her mother business, is undoubtedly the meat dumplings dozen dog to go back, so she’s in her mind, as long as the mother to her investment, she will be able to earn back a lot of money,If we think so, there are no people working so hard in this society.People living is an attitude, the most important is to be self-sufficient and have a grateful heart.But Ah Ling said: after her mother helped her repay the usury, she didn’t appreciate it, but she hated it more. She thought that if her mother didn’t participate in her business like this, she might have ended up in a different situation.Some people say that people in this life three ignorance: do not understand, do not understand Thanksgiving, filial piety.In A Ling, let us see her unrealistic and carefree personality.There is a saying: even if you have all kinds of good, if you can’t meet the right person or meet the person who doesn’t know how to be grateful, everything will be useless…So, Cao aunt this is raising a Wolf!Everyone’s life is not smooth sailing, we should not assume that it is because of our parents’ care and love for us, just because the road of life may become more tortuous.How does that make parents feel?But Ah Ling very unconvinced to say, for example a person is sick, people normally care about you.In the mother’s kind of operation, you also go sick, let me more things.Listen to Ling said, can also feel cao aunt in the way of expression let her daughter feel some uncomfortable.No matter how many complaints we have to parents, but the heart of parents love children will not change, why not put yourself in the position of thinking about you borrow usury can not pay, is the parents to help you, then you cheat the mother’s behavior and apologized to parents a few times, said a few words sorry?After mediation, mother and daughter both sides have opened the knot, the daughter hid her face and shed tears, but also understand the mother of her pains.04 Emotion Analysis:1, be grateful to see that the mother is love daughter, but she love the way wrong, clearly know daughter does not work but believe again and again, and raising her daughter for ten years, the tone of helpless, sad and hate iron not to produce components, these changes are not the daughter of her anger and resentment, in the final analysis is the daughter, who has no gratitudeThe parents’ unprincipled help is evidence of their daughter’s excessive demands.It can be imagined that Ah Ling has been single and has no job, so her life is not as good as that of her brother. Psychologically, her brother got a sum of money from the sale of the house.Therefore, her psychological imbalance, will think of asking parents for a house and money to meet their own desires.Some people say that gratitude reflects a person’s noble soul.The great composer Schumann thanked his teacher Victor on his deathbed: “Although you did a lot of things to hurt me because of your daughter and my marriage problems, I still thank you for teaching me music, and thank you for finally marrying my daughter.”It can be seen that the heart of Thanksgiving should not be grateful because the people who have given kindness have made mistakes.Thanksgiving, both for Thanksgiving itself, but also for others have given sincere.What’s more, this is his own biological parents, Ah Ling should not be because her mother helped her also usury and resentment toward her mother, so her thinking is problematic.Her complaint is not only an act of shirking responsibility in psychology, but also a vent of negative emotions to satisfy the fact that she does not want to work.2, people won’t work is the “work phobia” work for many people, is a kind of the best way to show your ability, but for many people, work means that anxiety and depression, many people work even when it comes to headache, feel the pressure in the heart instantly increase a lot of, in fact this is the fear of “work”.Hong Kong is belongs to this kind of person, afraid of workplace competition, talk about work, to get their energy is spent on something for nothing, so formed the character of her indolence, 42 years old age don’t fall in love not married, no money he stretched out his hand to his parents and cheat money consumption, all in the name of care for the elderly have no money to lend usury, from the satisfaction of material and spirit.It is also the mother again and again to meet the needs of her daughter, so that A Ling became a taker so as to develop a kind of inertia, she gave up the principle of no pains, no gains.Therefore, she is a person who has no plan for her life and makes her life a mess.Socrates once said, “To make the world move, you must move first.”Indeed, if Ah Ling wants to change the status quo, everything should be active, passive waiting will only make themselves into a more unfavorable state.What she needs to do is not only to have a good relationship with her parents and do a good job as a child, but also to learn to go out and find a job first. Even if she earns 1000 yuan a month, as long as she can support herself, maintain economic independence and be full of enthusiasm for work and life, it is a good start.