Qinghai Province Haidong advertising industry statistical annual work successfully completed

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The Chinese quality network To comprehensive and accurate grasp jurisdiction running status of the advertising industry as a whole, to further promote the sustainable development of the advertising industry and its action in qinghai province, the development of the market to guide the advertising regulatory authority to implement responsibilities, to advance the 2021 advertising statistical work, statistical reporting rate is 100%, in order to promote the city’s advertising industry high quality development to lay a solid foundation.Make arrangements.In order to ensure timely and accurate statistical work, the agency arrangement in time, require counties rc understanding, and improve the task clear to the people, the rapid organization staff do a good job market regulator advertising statistics at the corresponding level, and in accordance with the requirements for ShengJu work and time node, seriously do a good job of advertising statistics provided, audit, summary, report to work,We have made solid progress in our work.Do investigation and verification.According to 37 enterprises and institutions engaged in advertising business identified in the national advertising statistics system, the county and district bureaus are required to carefully verify the existence, operation information and jurisdiction of the enterprises, institutions and enterprises under the regulation within their jurisdiction.The application Form for Modifying Basic Information of statistical Survey objects and the list of enterprises to be cancelled were timely reported to one enterprise that had changed and three enterprises that had been cancelled in the sample survey to ensure that the base number was clear and the status was clear.Do a good job in supervision and guidance.In order to accurately and efficiently complete the statistical work of the advertising industry in 2021, the wechat group of advertising supervision in Haidong city will regularly issue notices, and the work progress of each bureau will be displayed in a timely manner, and the counties and districts with low completion rate of statistics will be urged to implement and timely follow up.In order to facilitate the respondents to timely grasp the main points of the survey, guide the respondents to understand the statistical content and statistical methods, accurately grasp the requirements of statistical filling, timely, accurate and true filling data.At the same time, the importance of advertising statistical work was publicized to the respondents, and the enthusiasm and initiative of the respondents to fill in statistical data were improved.In view of the problems and difficulties in advertising statistics and reporting, we gave guidance through telephone, wechat, face-to-face and other methods, and 37 respondents successfully completed the reporting work.Do data review.In strict accordance with the requirements of data joint review, the staff of each market supervision institute shall be guided to check the data filled in by enterprises, and the data with problems shall be returned to enterprises in time, and the enterprises shall be required to do a good job in data correction and re-filling.And the statistical tables reported by enterprises are logically audited to ensure that the relationship between the tables is accurate and the reported data is error free, so that the quality of statistical data is further improved.In 2022, Haidong Market Supervision Bureau will continue to adhere to the purpose of active intervention and active service, strengthen communication and contact with advertising enterprises, dynamically grasp the situation of advertising business subjects, timely improve the relevant statistical data, guide enterprises to strengthen self-discipline, standardize business behavior, and constantly optimize the city’s advertising business environment.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com