In what month do ash trees bloom?In what months do the seeds ripen?Ant New village answer today

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Ash, also known as Chinese wax, insect wax, yellow wax, beeswax, sichuan wax, green lang wood, etc., is an ash plant of melilotaceae.Ash trees are found mainly in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, with a few extending south into the tropics.The use of wax in Our country has a long history, about three thousand years of history, and the ancient source of wax is mainly two kinds of insect wax, namely yellow wax and white wax.The word “white wax” first appeared in the famous Doctors Bielu (Famous Doctors Bielu) compiled by people in the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties.Ash trees are light-loving trees that are sensitive to frost, so they need to be planted in areas that get plenty of light and aren’t too cold.Ash trees also prefer to grow in rich, moist soil, so plains or river valleys are suitable for planting.Do you know when the ash tree blooms?In which month do ash trees bloom?A. March to May B. July to AugustVillage knowledge small classroom today with everyone to understand the ash tree.Ash trees in General in March to May, its flowers are generally light green floret, inflorescence is conical, generally long in the branch slightly top or axillary.China’s northern and southern provinces and regions more cultivation of ash, in the altitude of 800-1600 meters mountain forest more common.Ash seeds are generally mature in 9-october, if the seeds mature not fruit, then we can use scissors to cut fruit branches, dried to wing, then remove debris, finally in low temperature, dry, ventilated room for storage.Because of ash seeds dormancy period is relatively long, so spring sowing before the need to advance bud.In what month do ash trees usually bloom?Answer: March to May.2, “Spring Festival” why also called “danian”?Answer: Celebrate the harvest.3, New Year’s Eve dinner standard: fish and balls.Fish represents an abundance every year.Ball symbol?Answer: Round and round.4. What are the “little black spots” on water bamboo shoots?Answer: Wild black powder fungus.