“Dressed up” lost an editor right from the start, and the magazine’s life is in danger, too

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Everything seemed peaceful.Weekdays we are busy working, if you don’t work hard, it is not possible to 996 overtime.Our Song Zuer also hurried here for an interview today.Song Zu er is a graduate just out of school, today she ran over to interview the company is dressed up magazine.In fact, the identity of Song Zuer in the play is still a little mysterious, what do not know, learn professional also has nothing to do with the magazine, but it is someone to send her into the company, the obvious relationship.And the person who sponsored her into the company is George, the current editor in chief.However, the editor, George, soon jumped to his death.The exact reason is not clear, but the two policemen squatted in his office for a long time, and George squatted on the roof for a long time, and George finally failed the policemen and jumped to his death.Should be very high probability, George is guilty of something, at any time lead to their own disgrace, suddenly hard, end their life.That’s when the subsidiary blew up.It is not easy to earn money from traditional media, and there is still an editor who dies every now and then. Will the company’s business be done?Fortunately, our heroine Song Jia appeared, she is dressed up female editor.She might have had the courage to order the sobbing, costumed staff downstairs to get back to work.How can you work when you’re dead and your body’s still there?But the company is to make money, workers should work hard, running downstairs crying although beautiful, but feel quite fake, maybe at this time, song Jia’s cold behavior is more real.