Xi ‘an will stop warming at 24:00 on March 15th. Please pay attention to these problems

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The 2021-2022 central heating season in Xi ‘an will end at 24:00 on March 15.What should we pay attention to after we stop warming?Heating during the heating does not reach the standard how to refund?Do not give their radiator water heating after the end of the public, please close the main valve of the water supply pipe and water return pipe in time, which is conducive to the home radiator and pipe in a state of full water wet maintenance, to extend the service life of the equipment.Radiator and pipe water is not tap water, but can effectively isolate the air on radiator and pipe corrosion softening water.The water to stay in the radiator, can prolong the service life of the radiator and pipe, but also to prevent the new heating season before the arrival of water injection pressure test because no one in the home accidental leakage can not be timely treatment of the problem.If the water is let out, the radiator will fill with air, which will accelerate the corrosion of the radiator and pipe.In addition, as a result of heat bilges cold shrink’s cause, after heating ends, the individual conduit joint of citizen home, radiator may appear leakage, once discover leakage should ask professional personnel to undertake maintenance in time.How to apply for refund if the temperature is not up to standard?In the heating process, if the heating in the home is not hot enough, you can find professionals from a third party organization to clean the heating pipes in the home after heating to ensure smooth water flow and normal heat dissipation.Heat supply staff member says, the temperature in the home does not reach standard also may be heat supply facilities laid is unreasonable, the citizen can ask professional personnel to undertake rectification to heat supply facilities in the home in stop warm period.Under normal circumstances, geothermal cleaning cycle for 2 to 3 years, but if the home heating temperature has been normal, can be appropriately extended cleaning cycle.During this heating season, if the room temperature is not up to standard, citizens can refer to the relevant provisions of Xi ‘an Central Heating Regulations to apply for refund.According to the Regulations on central heating in Xi ‘an city, heating enterprises should notify users and refund fees from the end of the central heating period to June 30 every year.After removing the basic heat fee, 20% of the heat fee will be returned if the temperature is higher than or equal to 16℃ or lower than 18℃ according to the unqualified days confirmed by both heating users and heating users.50% of the heat fee shall be refunded if the temperature is higher than or equal to 14℃ and lower than 16℃;If the heating temperature is below 14℃, the heating fee will be refunded in full.Direct pipe to the residential area, the owner should apply for refund to the heating enterprise;And big user village, owner should apply to property company first, apply for refund after unified statistics by property company.When applying for refund, the public can calculate the number of days according to the unqualified temperature measurement record signed by three parties (owner, heating enterprise/or property and third party organization) as the basis of refund.According to the forecast of Shaanxi Meteorological Bureau, there will be light rain in Guanzhong, Shaanxi province on March 16, and the average temperature will drop about 4℃ on March 17.What should people pay attention to when cooling down?Heating staff remind, after the indoor heating is relatively cold, we must pay attention to wear more clothes in the indoor, can appropriately increase the thickness of the quilt, and then slowly reduce after a period of time, do not become accustomed to a house to take off clothes.When there are children and the elderly in the home, some auxiliary heating equipment can be used for transition, and attention should be paid to electricity safety when using these heating equipment.After the warm, the sudden drop in temperature may lead to the aggravation of chronic diseases, so the diet should be based on warm, can eat some warm Yang food, as well as seasonal vegetables in spring.Source: westnet