What do white spots, vertical lines and crescents on nails represent?Are more crescents healthier?

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When I was a kid, my mom told me that the more crescents on my nails, the healthier I was.White spots on nails indicate zinc deficiency and calcium deficiency. Vertical lines on nails indicate poor physique……These common sense that I have heard since childhood, let me believe it is true, until I grow up to realize that I have been cheated for so many years.3 signs of nails to watch out for Kidney disease: Have your friends at the screen ever looked at their nails?Normal nails are curved, ruddy, smooth and shiny. If there is an abnormal change in the color and texture of nails, it may be a disease caused by the body, such as kidney disease.Nail color distribution characteristics, one is a sign of kidney disease: layering red and white, nails red and white in the distance is pink or brown ribbon, near the white stripe, the touch is rough, two colors each accounts for about half of the nail bed, the condition is called “lindsay’s nails, the nails is common in patients with chronic kidney or uremia.The pink or brown bands at the distal end of Lindsay’s nails are associated with melanin deposition following increased concentrations of beta-melanocytes stimulating hormones.Horizontal, smooth, inaccessible white lines on the white striated deck, parallel to the half moon of the nail and nearly as long as the width of the deck, and sunken nails, this symptom is known as Michi’s line, common in chronic kidney disease or end-stage kidney disease.White turbidity in patients with chronic renal failure, cirrhosis and congestive heart failure, the nails present ground glass white turbidity, covering the half moon of the nail, and the nail bed near the nail edge appears a pink or brown stripe with a width of about 0.5 to 3 mm. This phenomenon is called Terry’s nail.2 myths about crescents: More crescents means better Health?The health status of the body has nothing to do with the number or size of the crescent moon, mainly depends on its changes. Most people can see a white crescent moon more or less on their fingernails, which is called “half moon nail” or “half moon mark”. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the growth of fingernails.Is the size of the crescent moon linked to health?If the nail is forward or if the nail is growing fast, the moon will have a large area, but the moon will have a small area anyway, so the size of the moon has nothing to do with health.However, if the crescent appears this situation to be vigilant, in a short period of time changes greatly, suddenly small or suddenly disappear and appear again, need to be vigilant, the occurrence of this situation may be related to thyroid disease, big and small and more, indicating that it is related to metabolism, especially hyperthyroidism, recommended medical examination.Are vertical lines on nails a sign of poor health?About nine out of 10 people have vertical lines on their nails, so vertical lines are not a sign of poor fitness.Vertical stripes aren’t a sign of poor health. It’s because nails’ ability to hold water diminishes with age, just like wrinkles on the skin.Does the white spot on fingernail have white spot to explain be short of zinc be short of calcium?White spots on nails are not caused by zinc and calcium deficiency, the most common cause is trauma.If you accidentally knock your nail, it can cause wear and tear on the nail, resulting in white spots, but there is no health impact, there is no special concern.These 3 symptoms should not be ignored: a concave line appears on the nail, feels like a groove, and the concave line will gradually move from the nail to the top of the nail.Appear this kind of circumstance, possibly be caused by with traumatic injury, perhaps with malnutrition, lack zinc, iron element is concerned.Small concave hole common at the disease such as bald spot, psoriasis, eczema, appear on fingernail dense small concave hole.Black line on black fingernails may be a mother nail mole, we should be aware of the risk of cancer and melanoma, especially when the distal end of the nail has been extended to the proximal end, and slowly become larger, we must go to the doctor.
Conclusion: a thin layer of armour cover, but also feedback a variety of body problems.Therefore, do not ignore the health of nails, strange changes, must actively seek medical treatment.