Hongmeng system +5G network, Huawei quietly launched three mobile phones, 5G problem solved?

2022-07-27 0 By

If you want to ask which is the strongest brand of domestic mobile phone in China, there may be a lot of people can name it without thinking, he is: Huawei.As emerging domestic brand mobile phone giant huawei with its powerful technology strength and constantly breakthrough of marketing in just a few years time quickly occupied the Chinese market and become the world’s the lion’s share of the market, become the object of envy of almost all the mobile phone products, and huawei is because of the independent research and development system and wide market have firmly top of the world in the first quarter sales list.However, such mobile phone brands have faced their own dark years before. For some reasons, Huawei’s technology was restricted from using 5G network, and the inventory of kirin chip developed by huawei was not particularly large, which made even Huawei, as the absolute majority of mobile phones in China, have a headache.However, such malicious suppression did not stop Huawei from advancing. Huawei still actively researched and developed its own products and took root in The Chinese and even the world market through its excellent scientific and technological strength and strong customer market.And just recently, Huawei suddenly launched three phones that support 5G, raising questions about whether huawei has really made a breakthrough of its own to use 5G, or has made some kind of agreement with something else.Of course, as consumers, especially for the vast number of consumers, it is undoubtedly great news that Huawei’s mobile phones can use 5G network again. However, can huawei’s mobile phones be of good quality?In fact, these three mobile phones are the old faces consumers have seen, but these three mobile phones are officially launched by Huawei old second-hand mobile phones, they are Huawei Nova7 Pro, Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 Pro, so why huawei choose these three mobile phones back on the shelves?What’s so special or good about these three phones?First of all, I have to mention the common advantages of these three phones. In terms of processor, they all use Kirin chip, carry Hongmeng system developed by Huawei, and can support THE use of 5G network, which can be said to be the highlight of these three phones.To know huawei compared with other domestic companies is a big advantage of huawei powerful self research and development ability, kirin chip compared with HongMeng system in most Xiao dragon and phegda chips on the market than did both performance and heat dissipation, high performance and powerful life grasp both ends, with huawei peculiar HongMeng to further improve the operation ability of the cell phone,Do one step faster than others, stand above others.At the same time, the three phones combine the functions of Huawei’s most powerful processors, but also achieve their own strengths and characteristics.Take Huawei P40 as an example, this mobile phone is matched with 50 million pixel SONY Earth lens and AG glass screen, feel and use is absolutely the top of the mobile phone, powerful photography equipment also provides users with a strong hardware guarantee for mobile phone shooting experience, play a tiger with added wing.Secondly, because it is the official shelves of second-hand mobile phone quality is absolutely guaranteed.Sun Ran is a second-hand mobile phone, but after the official debugging has changed into a new battery, in the operation and battery life of the phone and other hardware needs are absolutely assured, but also enjoy huawei’s one-year warranty service, do not worry about the quality of the phone will appear, can be said to be very considerate,In addition, the government said that the purchased mobile phones can enjoy after-sales service together with mobile phones, which is undoubtedly a policy that consumers consider.Finally, the price of the three mobile phones is still relatively high compared with second-hand mobile phones on the channel. P40 and P40Pro are almost no different from the original, but their benefits are better than the nearly new equipment and after-sales service provided by the official, which is undoubtedly very attractive.If you are struggling with the price, you can also buy all three phones second-hand from reliable sources.All in all, these three mobile phones must have their own shining points to put Huawei back on the shelves. Although they are certainly not as suitable for consumers as the new ones, they are still a good choice. Consumers can consider these three mobile phones if they want to replace them.