Dragon Ball anecdote: Do you know who eats fairy beans the most times?There were two people with more than 11!

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About “Dragon Ball” this Japanese national level animation, also is our domestic after 80 90’s childhood memories, in it can talk about things have a lot of, light is a combat effectiveness comparison problem, can let two people quarrel to the end of time.However, today, we are not talking about combat effectiveness, but about the comic “Dragon Ball” in the special prop – fairy beans.Although fairy bean name with a “fairy” word, but eat but can not live forever, but, it still has two more magical functions, that is: hungry, can satisfy hunger;When it hurts, it heals.In the “dragon” in the high-intensity combat cartoons, this item is important, of course, but, if carefully watch anime, also reveals that early bean is not a rarity, even with a pot and a pot, but in the later period, his bean has started woefully inadequate, and sometimes also points less than Z warriors point one by one.So what causes fairy beans to become scarce in the later period?Perhaps we can find out by looking at the official ranking of who eats the most beans.In the official statistics, we can’t see that in the comics, there are 11 people who have eaten fairy beans, and four of them have less than two beans: Bidri, Shalu, Terranks (Future) and Yamucha.Three people took more than two but less than four beans: Wu Fan, Tian Jin Fan and Klin.Those who took more than four beans were Bic (five), Vegeta (six) and Goku (11).And the number one Archilope is a heavyweight, who eats beans for dinner, millions of them!Seeing this, some friends will wonder, is this official data accurate?And I can only say, in fact, I have not had time to seriously verify, perhaps, the official purpose is to arouse everyone’s interest, let everyone read the cartoon again, and then seriously to count, if the official really think so, then I can only say, good strategy!But anyway, according to the official given this data, we are not difficult to make a guess, that is, the reason why fairy beans in the late only in twos and threes, perhaps with the number of eating fairy beans to the statistics of the man – Yaqilobei related!It is worth mentioning that the bean is also in the great Beaky after the sharp decline, at this time, Yacillobe has already boarded the Tower of Carlin, so, bean is really he to eat if not, everything makes sense!Nature, of course, this conclusion is just a guess, maybe, Mr Bird shan Ming didn’t want to so much, just to render the battle of tension, increase the difficulty, and to cut down the number of bean, and may, the truth is so let a person “accidental”, say, inside the cartoon “dragon ball”, to this kind of accident of inspiration, also pretty much.Well, that’s all for this issue. If you have any thoughts or comments on this article, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. I’m Night Raven, and I’ll see you next time if you get the chance!