YoKID is back at school!Laughter, not also happy “tiger”

2022-07-25 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year, joy and peace YoKID Youchild School national nursery school opened the new semester, the new starting point facing the spring breeze, with a happy little footsteps of the children one by one back to the park to hug the teacher, pull the hand of the little partner laughter, not also happy “tiger” epidemic prevention and control to adhere to, epidemic prevention measures to do fine and solid.In order to create a warm and safe nursery environment for the children, do a good job in logistics for the new semester, YoKID teachers came to the park on the day before school for protection and cleaning, layout of the environment;Every classroom, tables, chairs, doors, Windows and teaching AIDS in the nursery have been cleaned and disinfected, so that children can start a happy nursery life in a clean and safe environment.On the first day of school, YoKID parks were filled with the laughter of children and teachers.The children went to a lot of interesting places with their parents during the Spring Festival holiday, and many interesting stories happened. They can’t wait to share them with their friends.YoKID Nursery also prepared a variety of activities to reduce the anxiety of separation between children and parents;This lively and active atmosphere allows children to develop freely in play.Except for 0-3 years old children provide the most basic of foster care and ability to develop, YoKID optimal son school nursery system “, “Chinese happiness wisdom in entertainment and theme activities, cultivate their healthy personality and comprehensive mental growth, including the confident and optimistic, social communication, emotional intelligence development, shaping of the personality and values,As well as the traditional culture of Chinese characteristics filial piety, integrity, love and so on these beautiful qualities, which are the cornerstone of the foundation of children’s life.New beginning new open | | | | learning period of nursery garden is the first step to children from families to social life in this step, is not only the growth of children, is parents let us together look forward to the growth of the children live in new semester