“Year of Capacity Improvement and Construction” Special training on “Year of Capacity Improvement and Construction” was held in Haikou Longhua District

2022-07-25 0 By

On the afternoon of February 18, haikou Longhua District “Free Trade Port Construction” actual combat lecture hall and “Opening Class First” special training of capacity Improvement construction year was held.Ye Zhanbo, director of publicity Department of Hainan Provincial Party Committee’s Deep Reform Office (Free Trade Office) was invited to give a lecture.With vivid cases and detailed data, Ye Zhanbo interprets the policy of Hainan free trade port from the aspects of policy background, formulation process, basic principles, major strategies and development goals.During this period, Ye Zhanbo also communicated with the students present and shared his understanding and views on investment attraction, business environment optimization and development of small and medium-sized enterprises.The training site (provided by the Publicity Department of Longhua District Party Committee of China Central Radio network) emphasized that we should consciously improve our position, closely focus on the construction needs of Hainan Free Trade Port, constantly improve capacity and quality, comprehensively supplement the knowledge of economy and trade, industrial development, investment attraction, financial capital and other aspects, and strive to become a versatile expert.Based on the actual development of Longhua District, it is necessary to continuously strengthen exploration and practice, and actively participate in the practice of speeding up the high-quality development of Longhua District with new responsibilities and new actions.Longhua district officials said, longhua area will promote good solid “ability to promote construction year” activities, through the actual combat training, professional workers, characterization and grand meeting, focus on enhancing political ability, innovation ability, the ability to overcome difficult, grasp the implementation ability, risk prevention ability, service ability and so on six big ability, for the peopleStrive to forge a high-quality professional cadre team, provide a solid guarantee for the high quality development of Longhua District.(Contributed by publicity Department of Longhua District Committee)